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Week 9 Game Preview - Money Line & Spread

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2016 Fantasy Football Advice DFS

Whether you’re playing in a season long fantasy league, DFS or looking to gamble (only where it’s legal of course) you’re looking for as much helpful information as you can find.

We’ll breakdown each week 9 game with win probability, the spread, money line and total over/under. We’ll also have individual game previews in other posts.

*We are not giving you betting advice and we can not be held liable for any information provided here. This is simply information for you to review.

Week 9 Fantasy Advice

Browns vs Bengals – Thursday (11/5) at 8:25 EST

Packers vs Panthers – 1pm EST

Redskins vs Patriots – 1pm EST

Raiders vs Steelers – 1pm EST

Dolphins vs Bills – 1pm EST

Jaguars vs Jets – 1pm EST

Rams vs Vikings – 1pm EST

Titans vs Saints – 1pm EST

Falcons vs 49ers – 4:05pm EST

Giants vs Buccaneers – 4:05pm EST

Broncos vs Colts – 4:25pm EST

Eagles vs Cowboys – 8:30pm EST

Bears vs Chargers – Monday (11/9) 8:30pm EST

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