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Week 11 Game Preview - Money Line & Spread

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2016 DFS Advice

Whether you’re playing in a season long fantasy league, DFS or looking to gamble (only where it’s legal of course) you’re looking for as much helpful information as you can find.

We’ll breakdown each week 11 game with win probability, the spread, money line and total over/under. We’ll also have individual game previews in other posts.

*We are not giving you betting advice and we can not be held liable for any information provided here. This is simply information for you to review.

Week 11 Fantasy Advice

Colts vs Falcons – 1pm EST

Bucs vs Eagles – 1pm EST

Cowboys vs Dolphins – 1pm EST

Redskins vs Panthers – 1pm EST

Rams vs Ravens – 1pm EST

Raiders vs Lions – 1pm EST

Broncos vs Bears – 1pm EST

Jets vs Texans – 1pm EST

Chiefs vs Chargers – 4:05pm EST

Packers vs Vikings – 4:25pm EST

49ers vs Seahawks – 4:25pm EST

Bengals vs Cardinals – 8:30pm EST

Bills vs Patriots – Monday (11/23) 8:30pm EST

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