Oakland Raiders & LA Chargers Fantasy Preview - Episode 248

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Oakland Raiders and LA Chargers Fantasy Football Preview 2019

The AFC West is full of drama, surprises and high expectations. It's why it's the next division on our 2019 preview.

Walsh and Rodgers decided to team up to tackle the Raiders & Chargers in Part 1. That means Walsh gets to share his Raiders love, while Rodgers tries to talk him back to reality.

It also means that we get to show Phillip Rivers some love, as most of the LTFF team loves the man (he does have an incredible amount of kids). But when you look past the surface, Walsh and Rodgers tackle the hard questions on who can really live up to expectations and who will leave you heartbroken.

We've officially hit our strides with fantasy football drafts approximately 1 month away. To kick off the week we're dropping 4 episodes in 4 days. So keep your eyes peeled for Chiefs and Broncos in Part 2 of the AFC West preview! .

What are you waiting for? Let's talk some fantasy football.

Some Other Fantasy Football Perks in 2019

We haven't launched any new cool toys for you guys yet, but here are some other fantasy football-related items we're proud of. And there are some links to our podcast mixed in.

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