Week 11 Fantasy Football Recap, Thanksgiving Fantasy Preview & Can You Trust Gus? - Episode 230

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2018 Fantasy Football Thanksgiving

What a way to end week 11 in both the NFL and fantasy football world. Quite frankly, we weren't worthy of the Chiefs and Rams game.

So Walsh & Vinny try and make up for it by diving into what we can learn from a fantasy perspective (ahem, Gus Edwards) and we preview the 3 Thanksgiving Games.

Does it get much better than Football, Turkey, Family and Beer (you can pick the order)? Yeah, we're excited too.

So, let's talk some fantasy football.

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Other Let's Talk Fantasy Football Goodies

The team here at LTFF has been on fire getting ready for 2018. That means we have some new, and some old, stuff we're excited to share with you.

If you hate mobile apps, Alexa Skills, Google Home and having our podcast in your pocket, then just move along already.

We're here so you can literally talk fantasy football, 24/7.

So here's what we've got cooking:

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The Podcast

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