Picking Running Backs, NFC North Preview Pt. 2 & The Rise of Golladay - Episode 183

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Fantasy Football 2018 Podcast and Advice

Packers, Lions and Kenny Golladay oh my!

Don't get too hung up on Golladay...let's back up and focus on part 2 of the NFC North preview as a whole.

We debate if you can count on any Packers WRs (ahem Cobb), which Lions RB you want to own (depends who you ask) and why you need to take coaches words with a grain of salt.

So, basically what we're saying is...let's talk some fantasy football.

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The team here at LTFF has been on fire getting ready for 2018. That means we have some new, and some old, stuff we're excited to share with you.

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We're here so you can literally talk fantasy football, 24/7.

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