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Week 10 Fantasy Preview Pt. 2 & Knocking on the Door - Episode 169

By November 11, 2017 No Comments

It's part 2 of the week 10 NFL and fantasy preview. With TNF in the books, we turn to the rest of the week 10 games, the players you can trust and we do a little JuJu.

So let's talk some fantasy football.

With a special shout out to BenchBoss as the future of playing fantasy football while watching NFL games live!

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Don Christmann

Don Christmann

Sr. Fantasy Analyst at Let's Talk Fantasy Football
My name is Don, I grow a mustache every Movember, Nike's on my feet keep my cypher complete, I save lives by renting cars, and I'd take a trophy in my fantasy league's over $500 million.
Don Christmann