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Can You Gain an Edge in Fantasy Football by Collecting Entire Backfields?

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We've all been there. You're at the car dealership trying to pick out your new whip and just can't decide between your two favorites. You've got it narrowed down to the practical Dad-compliant SUV, but you can't decide between a midnight black or pearl white exterior. So what do you do? Which one will you take home? Well -- both of course!

Wait? What? You're saying you've never done this before? But wouldn't it be awesome to have both so you could always match your car to your shoes? In fact, if it turns out that one is a lemon, you'll get lots of use from the other as your everyday vehicle. So why not do it?

Well, cost of course -- in particular, opportunity cost. You can't just spend every dime you have on transportation. Sure, you'll always have a sleek fleet of vehicles with this strategy, but it's a bit redundant when you have limited resources. Plus, it's tough to tell your kid he can't go to college because you spent the family savings on a convoy of Toyota Highlanders -- #DadLife.

We tend to do something similar in fantasy football. You draft a running back with a shaky role in his own offense and a few rounds later consider drafting his teammate to "lock down the entire backfield." The idea makes enough sense -- if you have both primary rushing options in a team's offense, you are protected for injuries and for poorly predicting the correct starter.

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