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Week 9 Fantasy Injury Report

By November 7, 2015 No Comments
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Unfortunately injuries dominated week 8. Not prior to the games starting, but by the time Sunday night arrived we were all grateful for those that were still in one piece.

For those players that were lost to injury, we wish you a speedy recovery.

For you fantasy fans that need to know who is and isn't play in week 9, we give you our week 9 injury preview.

It'll update frequently, but for now it should give you an idea of what to expect come game time tomorrow.

Week 9 Fantasy Injuries by Team

Some teams may have no injuries heading into this weeks games, while others will. These are updated frequently and should be updated as we learn revised playing status's on Sunday morning.

Teams on bye this week: Detroit, Kansas City, Arizona, Seattle, Baltimore, Houston

Atlanta Falcons Fantasy Injuries

Baltimore Ravens Fantasy Injuries

Buffalo Bills Fantasy Injuries

Carolina Panthers Fantasy Injuries

Chicago Bears Fantasy Injuries

Cincinnati Bengals Fantasy Injuries

Cleveland Browns Fantasy Injuries

Dallas Cowboys Fantasy Injuries

Denver Broncos Fantasy Injuries

Green Bay Packers Fantasy Injuries

Indianapolis Colts Fantasy Injuries

Jacksonville Jaguars Fantasy Injuries

Miami Dolphins Fantasy Injuries

Minnesota Vikings Fantasy Injuries

New England Patriots Fantasy Injuries

New Orleans Saints Fantasy Injuries

New York Giants Fantasy Injuries

New York Jets Fantasy Injuries

Oakland Raiders Fantasy Injuries

Philadelphia Eagles Fantasy Injuries

Pittsburgh Steelers Fantasy Injuries

San Diego Chargers Fantasy Injuries

San Francisco 49ers Fantasy Injuries

St. Louis Rams Fantasy Injuries

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Injuries

Tennessee Titans Fantasy Injuries

Washington Redskins Fantasy Injuries

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