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Fantasy Advice: The 2015 New York Jets

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Living in New Jersey I hear a ton of shit from Jets fans.

Some good. Plenty Bad.

It’s not targeted at me as I’m a Chiefs fan, but I can promise you this: Jets fans will always tell you how they feel. Even when you don’t ask.

With the 2015 fantasy season rapidly approaching I felt it was only right to breakdown how I personally feel about the fantasy prospects of many New York Jets.

I say “personally” because there’s no one higher on the Jets than Nick Walsh. Actually, he said on our last podcast that “Everyone’s lower on the Jets than I am.” Some of us more than others.

I’ll go position by position until we get through the ones I think are relevant.

I’m providing ADP’s based on FantasyFootballCalculator based on a 12-team PPR league.

If you’re more of an audio person, you can listen to use break the Jets down on our latest fantasy podcast. Below is simply a more detailed account of my feelings on the fantasy value of the Jets.

The 2015 Fantasy Value of the New York Jets

There are some people I care about on the Jets for fantasy in 2015 and others I don’t. Let’s explore.


Fantasy Advice - New York Jets 2015

I’m totally out on the QB for the Jets. The fantasy value that could come from them is more based on them helping the WR’s and RB’s.

We’re not even sure that Geno will be the starter (and if he is he may have a short leash). I think Fitzpatrick is clearly a competent QB that will provide more fantasy consistency to the Jets.

Some people believed in Geno last season, I just can’t get on board with him. He’s too hot and cold for me. Especially in a 10 or 12 team league. The position is simply too deep.

Running Back

Fantasy Advice - 2015 New York Jets - Chris Ivory

I’m going to catch some flack here on one of the running backs I’ll touch on, but that’s okay.

Chris Ivory will be the starter. That’s great news. Sadly I think the offense becomes much more balanced with Chan Gailey arriving and Rex Ryan shipping up to Buffalo. Ivory has done very little as a receiver and I’m not inspired that will change in 2015. He’s a RB3/RB4 for me.

Bilal Powell was resigned this offseason which makes you think that they have some plans for him. I’m not holding my breath on him, although he could offer some PPR value as a passing down back. Quite frankly I think he’s been an inefficient receiver over the past two years. I won’t own him.

When it comes to Ridley, I just don’t know what to think. He’s currently the 67th RB drafted and quite frankly he should stay in that realm. We don’t know if he’ll be ready after his ACL surgery. Just let Ridley go please.

They say old habits die hard. That’s true for me. Especially as I like Zac Stacy as he’s the 10th pick in the 13th round. I swore him off after he burned me last year, but a recent RotoViz article has reopened my eyes.

Chan Gailey has produced great running backs for fantasy (‘08 with Charles, and Spiller & Jackson). He’s proven that he can run and catch the ball. I don’t think he gains any value until around week 6, so you can probably let him ride the wire for now. But don’t be surprised if he snags the starting job. Or be surprised, I don’t care.

I do think they cut at least one of these backs. There’s just not enough work to go around. I guess time will tell.

Wide Receiver

Fantasy Advice - 2015 New York Jets - Eric Decker

The Jets went out and got Brandon Marshall for next to nothing this offseason (nice move). That means Eric Decker now has another receiver out there to make an impact.

Currently Brandon Marshall is being drafted as WR22, which I think is about right. He’s a low WR2 for me as I don’t expect a resurgence under Chan Gailey. With that said, he’s fucking consistent as hell. Marshall is a low ceiling/high floor guy who’s topped 1,000 yards every season from 2007-2013.

I think Eric Decker will be just fine with the addition of Marshall. Honestly, I think he’s being way undervalued at the moment. He’s going as WR47 at the moment. He loses the run heavy Rex Ryan and he’ll continue to do well.

I’m not evaluating the other two WR’s in Devin Smith and Jeremy Kerley until I have clarity at QB. At the moment I don’t think they’re own-able here.

Tight End

The tight end position in general is rough. Lots of guys that can make stuff happen.

I don’t believe Jace Amaro can get it done for fantasy owners in 2015.

My 2015 Fantasy Expectations for the New York Jets

Clearly I’m not a huge Jets believer for fantasy in 2015.

I think Decker is undervalued, but the QB position scares the shit out of me. Overall I think we’ll need more clarity as we move into the preseason.

Looking to hear what the whole team thinks of the Jet’s 2015 fantasy value? We’re talking Jets on our 2015 fantasy podcast.

What do you guys expect from the Jets for fantasy in 2015?

Nick Schreck