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FanDuel Promo Code 2018 - Best 2018 Promo Code

With the 2019 Super Bowl in the books, it's time to look towards the next fantasy football season. The good news is, our August 2019 FanDuel Promo code isn't fantasy football exclusive.

If you prefer NBA, Hockey or Baseball, our August 2019 FanDuel Promo Code works for that too. You're welcome!

As a whole, we can't get enough of daily fantasy sports. For us, it starts with a warm, fuzzy feeling at kickoff and then it's a free-for-all with your emotions. We all want to win (especially that Million Dollar prize), but know that the odds are against us. That's why we want to hook you up with some free money. isn't the right words (our lawyers demanded the clarification), how about the best signup bonus for FanDuel in August 2019. That sounds better to us, which is why we're ecstatic to present our 2019 FanDuel Promo Code.

Yes, there are promo codes all over the internet. Many will promise you fame and fortune, but we won't. All we promise is that if you use our link or FanDuel promo code, you'll get a sweet, sweet bonus (if you're a first-time user).

Think of it as a gift from us to you. We promise we won't ask for the gift back either. (Pretty cool right?).

The August 2019 FanDuel Promo Code

FanDuel Promo Code for 2019So let's cut to the chase, you want a FanDuel promo code and we've got exactly what you're looking for.

Right now we're getting you a $20 bonus with your first deposit, plus another $25 after you play! (You have to use our link...and the offer may change at FanDuel's time of choice).

We're basically giving you a free chance to win some money, and we're giving out free fantasy advice on our weekly fantasy football podcast. Seems like we're doing a ton of favors for you FanDuel players.

Either way, the $20 bonus is yours when you signup. Here's what to do:

Step 1: Click here to register
Step 2: Complete the signup process and make sure you meet all of their rules and requirements (their rules, not ours).
Step 3: Pick your deposit amount (and make sure you meet their requirements for the bonus)
Step 4: Pick the contest to play in!

PS. Our 2019 FanDuel Promo Code works for literally every spot or contests you want to play in. Sure we're football guys, but we believe in helping it people helping people.

Again, the 2019 FanDuel Promo code is here: 2019 FANDUEL PROMO CODE

Things To Know About the August 2019 FanDuel Promo Code2019 FanDuel Promo Code and Discount

There are always rules and requirements (yeah we hate them too), so it's important to keep your eyes peeled as you register.

Make sure you're of legal age, in a state that allows it (VPN?) and understand that we can't promise you'll win any money (we believe in you though).

Outside of that, just remember you score a sweet signup bonus with our 2019 FanDuel promo code.

Oh...and go win some money!

Legal disclaimer:

** You must comply with all rules, regulations, and laws as set by FanDuel. FanDuel is not allowed to be played in certain states as per US law. Please check with FanDuel to ensure eligibility. Signup bonus/offer/promo code may change on the FanDuel site at any time. The offer provided by FanDuel on their site, at the time of signup, is the offer you can expect, even if this page is displaying a different offer at the same time. LTFF accepts no responsibility for any offers that do not match or are not honored by FanDuel.

Nick Schreck