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FanDraft Digital Draft Board: My Review and Walkthrough - 2015

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When it comes time to think about draft day, I immediately think of Christmas morning.

That's right Christmas, you know that time you open presents with family, friends and loved ones? Yeah, that one.

Besides being some of the best days of the year, you know what else the two days have in common? Preparing in advance.

It's true that you're making a list of presents and mailing it out to the big guy at the north pole, but think of draft day in the same way.

If you do great draft day prep, you're going to have an awesome draft day. Especially if you're taking part in person with all of your league (or even most of them).

With all of this talk of prep I must have an angle right? Totally.

I got sent over a fresh copy of FanDraft from their awesome team to test out. It's a digital draft software that's perfect for drafting in person. But let's not get ahead of ourselves.

First let me tell you about what to expect. You're gonna get to see me in person (well video) as I walk you through the entire process. I wasn't compensated in any way, shape or form. They just asked that I share my truthful opinion and I certainly did. In fact, you're seeing this at the same time they are, no early peaks for anyone. It's just the right way to do business.

My FanDraft Software Review

There's a ton of things I love about FanDraft and there are some things I'd love to see improved. But I won't ruin the fun.

Here's the video of my walkthrough (don't mind my sickly voice). For those of you who are just biting at the bit to know what I think, skip on down below you impatient kids.

Here's what I think in words (some very brief words). 

This software is sweet. Like that perfect summer drink after you've been working outside all day. No seriously.

It does a ton of things right. It executes well, it integrates with some of the most popular software and sites out there (I'm looking at you MyFantasyLeague and ESPN) and it's way more personal than ESPN, Yahoo and NFL pretend to be.

It also eliminates the need for stickers, losing the draft sheets and people taking too long to pick (although I can't blame you for loving those things. I do).

Unfortunately for every great summer drink you have, there's another one that is just too sweet (in a bad way of course).

I'd be lying if I said there weren't things I wanted to see improved.

You can't hear it on my video above because of my headphones, but the default announcer I chose for the demo was brutal to listen to. In fact, if you listen carefully you can almost hear the screeches at points.

Some of the background images look rough and the software itself (minus the draft board) reminds me of software of old, like the kind I used on my old Gateway PC as a kid. Just doesn't seem caught up with 2015 (with the exception of the draft board, which is ultimately what you want to be cool).

I also had some overlapping issues when opening menus, but that could just be my software version.

Overall none of them are hills to die on. They're more just personal preferences, and hell I may not represent the opinion of the rest of the population.

My 2015 Fantasy Draft Recommendation

To be honest, and I'm always honest with friends, I just can't ever give up the feel of stickers and an actual draft board.

It's not a knock on FanDraft at all. I honestly think if I was ready to kick my sticker habit, they'd be my draft board of choice.

They offer a cool web version to include anyone who can't make it there in person and they let you throw this onto a projector or big screen TV. Now that's cool.

I think you need to download the Lite version via their site. It's full-featured, it just limits you to 2 rounds of drafting. That's plenty of time to play with the software and get a feel.

The decision ultimately lies with you and your league, but if you're looking to go digital FanDraft needs to be on your list.

You can check FanDraft out via their website and download the trial version of the software (there's no referral code here, we don't get a cut, we just want you to find the best software for your league.)

So what are you waiting for? Go change your league for the better.

*This photo is courtesy of FanDraft and all rights are reserved by them.

Nick Schreck