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Eric Ebron Has Bounce-Back Potential with the Indianapolis Colts

By April 8, 2018No Comments
Fantasy Football Podcast - Best of 2018

It's early April. We should have warm weather, chirping birds, and the whirring of insects as we grow closer to the NFL draft in the spring and offseason workouts in the summer. And, eventually, we'll get the changing of leaves in the fall. But, instead, it's 31 degrees and snowing. Yuck.

With the continued piling-on by the bitter cold of winter, all we have to keep us warm right now is the NFL hot stove, and it has been cooking this year. Plenty of moves have rocked the NFL landscape, but one deal seems to be pretty well loathed by fantasy analysts and the general public -- and I’m not sure why.

Eric Ebron hasn't lit the league on fire, but he's still just 24 years old and is heading into his fifth NFL season. Could he thrive as one of the newest members of the Indianapolis Colts?

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