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Fantasy Football SOS & Point Elasticity Rankings

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2017 Fantasy Football Podcast - NFL

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Back in the pre-internet days, there was limited data to use when making your fantasy football player selections. Typically, the only information afforded to fantasy managers was a player’s points/game average (PPG). Of course, most managers would do some digging, and use other qualitative information to make their player selections, but at the end of the day, a player’s average usually dictated the decision.

Shortly after fantasy football exploded, some of the more sophisticated owners wanted an answer to the question to make a more informed decision: “How strong is the team my player is about to face?” Hence, the fantasy football internet gods gave us “Points Against Average” (PAA), or how many fantasy points per game the opposing defense is giving up on average to that position. Since then, there has been a myriad of additional “advanced” metrics to quantitatively predict outcomes on particular players, mainly fueled by the daily fantasy explosion.

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