Fat Eddie No More: Lacy Is Slimming Down

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Fantasy Football Advice 2016 - Packers

We're hearing that Eddie Lacy has gotten his weight under control.

While we loved making Cheeseburger Eddie jokes on our weekly fantasy podcast, we're happy to hear that he's doing better. He's a phenomenal football player who really screwed fantasy owners in 2015.

On Tuesday's edition (4/12/16) of NFL HQ, Albert Breer described Eddie's progress as a "remarkable" redistribution of weight.

He also said "I know the people around Eddie Lacy really feel like the Packers are going to be happy with what they see when Lacy reports for the offseason program next week."

It was reported earlier that he was slimming down via workouts with P90x founder Tony Horton. Side note: What a workout. He always fires me up before I quite the workout early and go eat a bag of chips.

But really, great job Eddie. Packer fans should be excited, future fantasy owners should be happy and dynasty owners may be the happiest of them all.

We expect to see Lacy return to form for the 2016 season assuming he keeps on this path.

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