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Chase Daniel is an Eagle

By March 9, 2016 No Comments
Eagles Fantasy Value 2016

Chase Daniel has followed coach Doug Pederson from KC to Philly.

He signed a three-year deal that has a base value of $21 million and could be worth up to $36 million with incentives.

FOX Sports' Mike Garafolo calls the deal a "backup/maybe starter deal".

The deal makes him the highest paid "backup" in the league and could give him a real chance to unseat Bradford as the Eagles starter.

Philly fans and fantasy owners of Philly players will need to watch this closely over the course of the offseason.

[graphiq id="gRDfV3XGapL" title="Chase Daniel Overview" width="640" height="597" url="https://w.graphiq.com/w/gRDfV3XGapL" link="http://football-players.pointafter.com/l/4706/Chase-Daniel" link_text="Chase Daniel Overview | PointAfter"]
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