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DRAFT - The New Daily Fantasy Football (Surprise Promo Code Inside)

By July 31, 2019August 10th, 2019No Comments
2018 DRAFT Promo Code - Free Bonus

We're always looking for new ways to play fantasy football.

That's why when we stumbled on DRAFT, we knew we had to tell you all about it.

DRAFT is the newest fantasy platform where you can compete in live snake drafts for real money! Each draft takes just minutes and leagues pay out all season long!

They have both iOS and Android apps so there's no excuse to not play. Especially with our August 2019 promo code for the ultimate DRAFT bonus.

According to the team at DRAFT, your chances of winning on DRAFT are almost 3x better than in salary cap drafts.

The team at DRAFT has given us a sweet signup link (you get something and we get something) that costs you nothing extra to signup with! Think of it as the ultimate DRAFT promo code 0f August 2019.

All you need to do is click this link and register. Upon making your first deposit, DRAFT will give you a free $3 entry!

Depending on when you use our link, you may even get an additional signup bonus. We could ask DRAFT to share the future bonus and 2019 promo code schedule, but we know they're keeping it under wraps. So signup when you want to play.

** You must comply with all rules, regulations, and laws as set by DRAFT. DRAFT is not allowed to be played in certain states as per US law. Please check with DRAFT to ensure eligibility. If you have received a FanDuel bonus in the past, you are not eligible for a DRAFT promo code.

Nick Schreck