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Draft Kings vs. FanDuel

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Fantasy football has become wildly popular over the past 15 years. It takes the game and your Sunday football viewing experience to a whole new level and, depending on your fantasy lineup, you may experience feelings of excitement, jubilation or sheer frustration with your players’ performances. Fantasy sports in general are a great way to get more involved in a specific sport that you love. But football seems to have taken the fantasy world over and there is no other spectacle quite like it.

Draft Kings vs. FanDuel - Much More Than Just A Game

For 17 weeks, there is nothing more enthralling than waking up on Sunday morning, or Thursday for the early week game, and setting your lineup, while checking your opponent’s lineup and hoping that lady luck has given you her blessing. After all, research is great and important, but there is always a luck factor you simply can't control.

The constant smack talk, waiver wire pickups, trade offers, and much more are what make fantasy football so much fun. If you have ever watched “The League”, then I am almost positive that some of those same shenanigans have occurred in your league. It’s what makes it so much fun.

Although weekly and seasonal fantasy leagues are extremely popular, daily fantasy sports have become a huge industry. Two of the biggest players in the game today are Draft Kings and FanDuel. Combined they both provided millions of dollars in prizes each week, if you pick some of the best fantasy lineups possible that week.

As we continue through this post you'll realize that they both offer you the opportunity to win money playing fantasy football, however Draft Kings and FanDuel are so much more than that.

What Is Daily Fantasy Football?

Daily fantasy football is a game where you choose specific players, on a weekly basis, and form a team of who you think will have the best week when it comes to total stats. The great thing about daily fantasy football is that once someone is selected, they aren't usually removed from the pool of the players you can select. Which means if Johnny believes Russell Wilson is going to have a great game, and you do as well, you both can play him on your team.

Running backs and quarterbacks are among the hottest players, as they typically provide the most consistency and points.

When playing daily fantasy football when choosing between Draft Kings vs. FanDuel you will have a set budget where you must manage that fake salary cap to pay for your team. That keeps you from selecting all of the studs in the game and making you research match ups and finding the diamonds in the rough. If you formulate a clear strategy and outline for your choices, the law of averages will fall into place and you should still end up with a fairly well rounded team.

You simply want to draft the players you think will put up the best numbers week in and week out and hopefully will bring you the big payday at the end of the week. Scoring systems for each league vary, but there are many core scoring statistics that can be found in every league.

Offensive Stats on Fan Duel or Draft Kings may include:

  • Passing yardage.
  • Rushing yardage.
  • Receiving yardage.
  • Touchdowns.
  • Kick return yards.
  • Punt return yards.

Defense Stats on Fan Duel or Draft Kings may include:

  • Total number of points your Defense has given up.
  • Interceptions.
  • Fumble recoveries.
  • Sacks.
  • Blocked PAT’s and Field Goals.
  • Defensive touchdowns.

The list goes on for the wide array of scoring possibilities and it will ultimately depend on who you choose between Draft Kings vs FanDuel and the type of game you choose to play.

Where Can You Play Daily Fantasy Football?

As mentioned earlier, you can draft from the comfort of your own home on a weekly basis with no season long commitment, through two of the biggest fantasy football competitors out there today – DraftKings and FanDuel.

The Draft Kings vs. FanDuel debate is highly contested among fans, but one thing is for sure, both allow you to play daily fantasy football and have a a fucking blast every week.

About DraftKings Fantasy Football

  • Play for free or join paid leagues and win real money.
  • Daily leagues with no season long commitment.
  • Over $200 million in guaranteed prizes to thousands of winners.
  • DraftKings is based in the USA and is 100 percent legal.

About FanDuel Fantasy Football

  • One week leagues with no season long commitment.
  • Over 12,000 leagues open every day and you can play in as many as you'd like.
  • Salary cap format and you can draft the players you want in minutes.
  • Over $10 Million in real cash prizes paid out every week.
  • Instant payouts as soon as the week ends.
  • Leagues start at only $1.

Draft Kings vs. Fan Duel: Which Should I Choose?

Draft Kings vs. FanDuel sites both offer exciting opportunities for you to get involved in the number one fantasy sport in the world. While both have similar attributes, individually they have a few options that may make you lean towards one or the other. Here is a quick overview of both sites.

What DraftKings Offers

DraftKings is a leading provider of daily fantasy sports and they offer a large variety of free and real money contests in multiple game types. They have featured tournaments with the largest money payouts and offer daily and weekly leagues in not just football, but all major sports as well.

With Draft Kings, you get to sign up for free and all you need is an email address to begin setting your lineup immediately. You can opt for a free league, real money game, tournament style league, or even head to head competition and you can assemble the perfect team in just a matter of seconds (although I recommend taking more time than that to decide on a final lineup).

Draft Kings also lets you watch live action from your personal computer or other mobile device and if you win that day, your account will be credited with your earnings as soon as the contest ends. It really is that simple.

What FanDuel Offers

FanDuel offers one day fantasy sports leagues for money with no season long commitment and immediate cash payouts. There are thousands of open leagues to enter every single day and you can even create private leagues if you want to play against your friends.

Once you’ve chosen a league, you can then draft your players. You can pick any players you want as long as you stay under the salary cap and you can edit your lineup any time before your game starts. Once the game starts, your league begins and you can track your team’s score in real time wherever you are.

As soon as all the games end, the contest is over and the league winners get their cash payouts immediately credited to their account. You can withdraw your cash whenever you want using PayPal and how much you win all depends on the entry fee and size of your league.

Many leagues have multiple winners and there are thousands of open leagues to enter every day. You can join one today and get your share of the $10 million dollars that FanDuel pays out in winnings every single week

Draft Kings vs. FanDuel: The Complete Comparison

When comparing Draft Kings vs. FanDuel, there are many similarities that each one shares, but each have their distinct differences that may have you swaying to one site over the other.


It is widely speculated that DraftKings offers inferior competition, meaning that you have a much greater winning percentage opportunity in the head to head play as opposed to FanDuel. Both sites offer similar salary cap amounts you can use both sites to gauge and compare other player values. This helps you to understand the advantage of salary arbitrage between both sites.


FanDuel users often comment that the user experience and ease of using the physical site and mobile site are unmatched to any other fantasy football site, including DraftKings. FanDuel also has a larger amount of tournaments for a lower dollar entry fee each week than other sites.

Contest Types

When it comes to contests and other tournament challenges, there are many similarities in the Draft Kings vs. FanDuel competitions.

Head To Head vs. Tournaments

There are primarily two basic types of contests on both of these sites. The 50/50 match-ups, which include head to head games and double up tournaments, are games where you are competing with one other person and who they have drafted or in a bigger group where half of the top scorers win.

Large Scale Tournaments

These typically have 1,000 or more players competing for a much larger cash prize. FanDuel generally pays out finishers in the top 10 percent, with the top five to ten players taking the majority of the prize purse. DraftKings will typically pay out the top 20 percent of the top scorers in their tournaments.

Draft Kings vs. FanDuel Betting Basics

The key to any sustained and long term success on both of these sites is to come up with the right formula of tournaments with low odds versus the 50/50 contest odds. Many people start out with a small bankroll and complete several different lineups, while playing mainly head to head games and 50/50 tournaments. A more strategic plan of action would be to take the same group of players and enter them into multiple tournaments just in case you win. When picking either Draft Kings vs. FanDuel, you can dramatically increase your prize winnings if you choose the right players every week, as opposed to just winning one small pot where you basically just double up on a small wager.

Tournament Entry Buy-ins

When you enter a larger tournament pool, you are inherently setting yourself up for a lower chance of finishing in the money. Tournaments are typically considered “noobie territory” and there is almost no way to sustain a consistent bankroll when only playing in tournaments. Placing the same lineup of drafted players into both heads up and larger tournaments will allow you to increase your chance of earnings with less risk than just throwing it all into one pool.

Payout Differences

Draft Kings vs. FanDuel payouts are quite different when compared side by side. DraftKings will often pay out the top 20 percent of high scorers, while FanDuel only pays out the top 10 percent.

Devise a Solid Plan of Action

Creating multiple lineups over the course of the week will allow you to enter multiple teams into a few different tournaments. You can enter one lineup into four games, and repeat that process with a different lineup that you have. This will increase your chances of prize winnings.

Choosing Your Lineups Effectively

Don't let your general fantasy knowledge impact your decision on who to start and sit. Match-ups, statistics and past performances should all play a role in your analysis of choosing the right fantasy players.

You need to choose which players potentially have the best match-ups for that week and this changes on a week to week basis. Different players may, or may not, help you in your chance to dominate the fantasy realm of Draft Kings vs. FanDuel.

Draft Kings vs. FanDuel: What You Should Do

No matter which site you go with, the long term key to success in daily fantasy football is to find the right balance of lineup entries, and entering them into the various contest types during any given week. Both sites offer great games and payouts, but most of all they both offer a great way to get more involved in the game. Set your lineup today and start building your bankroll. It's time to choose between Draft Kings vs. FanDuel.

*We only encourage you to visit and checkout these sites if you are of legal age and are legally allowed to gamble/participate per the laws of the US and your particular state. You must independently verify that you fall within the guidelines to legally play these games online. This author has only played on DraftKings and has no affiliation or partnership with either entity besides competing in daily fantasy sports.

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