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5 Controversial Draft Decisions After Preseason Week 3

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Here we are getting closer to the fantasy season and things are heating up! I couldn’t be more excited for this upcoming year as things seem to be shaking up with surprising retirements (God speed, Mr. Luck), injuries, and potential trades/cuts happening minute by minute. The NFL is back and it’s as entertaining as ever. Now, with only 2 weeks until the regular season, we’ve got some more Poll Sports controversy as well. If you want to be involved, make sure to sign up, vote, and use the comment boards to have your voice heard with the rest of the community. That said, here are five more hair splitting, nail biting, controversial polls up on the website going into the 2019 season…

Cam Newton vs. Carson Wentz

First, we start with two of the most talented QBs in the league going at a great price this season. I would never recommend anyone reach on a QB, unless your league is superflex or 2 QB, but these two players are going a little later than they probably should. The reason for that being that both guys are coming off a season that ended in injuries so they left bitter tastes in the mouths of their fantasy owners. Don’t let recency bias scare you away from either of these guys though as they both have NFL MVP upside and are in offenses surrounded by playmakers. So who did the crowd pick in this poll? 

Poll Winner: Cam Newton with 51% of the vote. 

Did they get it right? This was a tough one, but yes they did. Like I mentioned, both of these QBs are going to be beasts this season and both have the potential to be top 5 options each and every week regardless of match up. I just happen to like Cam and his potential better with his young weapons on the outside DJ Moore and Curtis Samuel. Plus, dumping it down to CMC always has the potential to end in huge gains and Cam is the best goal line runner in the NFL. Every season people warn that he’s going to run less, but we haven’t seen it yet and I don’t suspect we will this season either. He did sprain his foot in the last preseason game, but reports are saying it’s not serious and he should return to practice in some capacity this week.

James Conner vs. Nick Chubb

A battle between two back end RB1s here is a choice many drafters have been struggling with this offseason. On one hand, we have James Conner who is coming off a career year (1470 total yards, 13 total TDs) and now has the backfield all to himself with Leveon Bell moving on to the Jets. On the other, we have Nick Chubb who, after being freed from Hue Jackson’s terrible coaching ways, was a top 10 option during the back end of 2018. If you choose to skip out on a top tier WR near the end of the first round you are getting a big time producer at running back. So who won our poll?

Poll Winner: James Conner with 51% of the vote.

Did they get it right? No, the crowd is off on this one. James Conner was a beast when he played last season, that is no doubt, but Nick Chubb is in store for a monster year. Rumors are circling that Jaylen Samuels, who showed lots of potential when Conner was hurt, is going to eat into Conner’s upside with the passing game. Chubb, on the other hand, is the lone wolf in this backfield for a majority of the season. Yes, Kareem Hunt looms to possibly take some of his work once he gets back from his suspension, but that’s not until week 10 at the earliest. And who’s to say he comes right in and takes half of the carries if Chubb is rolling at that point? I just don’t see it happening. Defenses won’t be able to queue in on the Browns run game with OBJ, Jarvis Landry, and Njoku lining up in the pass game. Chubb should have major holes to run through and get all the goal line opportunities for them. He wins with me by a hair. 

Leonard Fournette vs. David Montgomery

Another running back poll between two young stud RBs. It feels like Fournette has been in the league for way longer than he has, but after a lost second season he’s going into year three healthy and as the only real option in Jacksonville. David Montgomery, the Bears 3rd round pick this year, is getting rave reviews in camp. Reports are saying coach Matt Nagy wants him to be closer to a feature back than anything the Bears had last year and even if that isn’t the case with Tarik Cohen and Mike Davis taking some work, he should easily slip into the Jordan Howard role of this offense. So who does the crowd like in the scenario?

Poll Winner: David Montgomery with 57% of the vote.

Did they get it right? No. Not by a long shot. I’ll be honest, this poll result really shocked me. I get that Fournette screwed over fantasy owners last season and had character/weight issues, but don’t let last year affect how you draft this year. Fading recency bias has the potential to pay off big time this year especially in this case. By all reports, Fournette has gotten lean and has bought into the program in Jacksonville. He’s also on board for more receiving this year as TJ Yeldon is gone and Nick Foles is a check down machine. He’s also one of the top 5 goal line hammers in the NFL. The Jags want to run early and often and the national nightmare that was Blake Bortles is now gone. Fournette should easily challenge for double digit TDs and be in the running for rushing leaders this year. Draft him at this discount with confidence. Montgomery is one of my favorite draft picks going into this year, but he should still be at least a round behind Fournette. The Bears love to spread the ball around which is what makes their offense so dangerous. You never know where the ball is going on any single play and, as great as that is for real life, in fantasy you want guaranteed touches going into each week. This goes for both dynasty and redraft.

 Trey Burton vs. Austin Hooper (Dynasty Ranks)

Anyone want to talk tight ends? Our Polls Sports community certainly does. Getting into our first Dynasty Ranking poll in this segment we’ve got Trey Burton against Austin Hooper. Both are in great offenses and should challenge for top 10 production at the position this upcoming season. Last year they had nearly identical stat lines, Hooper with 71 receptions, 660 yards and 4 TDs and Burton with 54 receptions, 569 yards and 6 TDs. In PPR, that works out to a 1 point per week difference so this is the definition of flipping a coin. So who do the Poll Sports community like more?

Poll Winner: Austin Hooper with 54% of the vote.

Did they get it right? Yes. In Dynasty and in redraft I believe this is the better pick. Hooper has been in the league three years already and is still only 24 years old. His production has increased every single year and he plays in one of the best offenses the NFL has ever seen. Yes, the Falcons are that great. Burton on the other hand is 27 years old and catching passes from Mitch Trubisky. Coach Matt Nagy attempts to hide his QBs inefficiency with scheme which is great, but not something you can count on week to week or even down the road. Take Hooper in this ranking with confidence.

Antonio Brown vs Kenny Golladay (Dynasty Ranks)

This poll was submitted by Ken Moody from Dynasty League Football and it’s a juicy one. With #HelmetGate finally officially over, at least I hope, we can finally get back to talking about football when it comes to Antonio Brown. One of the most talented WRs the league has ever seen is going into a new offense and is 31 years old. Kenny Golladay on the other hand, going into his 3rd season, is on the Matt Patrica coached Lions aka “Mr. Establish the Run”. Golladay was the top dog at WR for them last year and showed that he can handle number 1 duties. So who does the community like between the two?

Poll Winner: Antonio Brown with 54% of the vote.

Did they get it right? Yes and no. For me, it really depends what situation your team is in when it comes to dynasty. If you consider your squad a contender for the 2019 season then Antonio Brown is the WR you want. He’s the number one target there and Gruden has historically run a funnel offense through his WR1s. On the other hand, if you are going to tank this year or think your team needs a bit of a rebuild I would go with the younger Golladay. He might not have a better season this year, but going forward you are going to get a lot more production out of him. So gauge your squad and if you’re going for the 2019 Championship in your league go with the Poll Sports voters and take AB.

This post is courtesy of Frank Calhoun of PollSports!