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Poll Sports’ 5 Controversial Draft Decisions Going Into 2019

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Draft season is officially in full swing as Preseason Week 1 is in the books. People are starting to take stands on the players they like and let you know who they think will bust. This article is going to talk about 5 draft decisions that have been the talk of Poll Sports lately. Now, there’s a reason these polls are controversial and that’s because when it comes to the two players we’ll be discussing it’s really splitting hairs. So let us start this off with one of the biggest questions going into the 2019 season.

Zach Ertz vs George Kittle

Coming off career seasons, Ertz and Kittle are the consensus number 2 and 3 TE’s coming off the board in 2019. If you’re planning on going early with the TE position choosing the right one between these two guys can be a season changer. On one hand, last season Zach Ertz led the position with 156 targets and 116 receptions. On the other, however, you have George Kittle who broke the NFL record for TE receiving yards with 1377 yards catching passes from a stable of back up QBs. So what does the Poll Sports community say you should draft going into 2019?

Poll Winner: Kittle with 57% of the vote.

Did they get it right? Yes. Kittle should be the guy you target between these two guys. Both Kittle and Ertz might’ve had outlier seasons in 2018, but Kittle leaves the most room for improvement. I don’t see Ertz getting the same volume this year with the return of Desean Jackson to Philly and the presumed emergence of Dallas Goedert as the second TE in the offense. Kittle, however, is getting Jimmy Garoppolo back and there really aren’t any other proven receiving weapons in the offense. Even if he doesn’t hit near the same yardage total from last year, he should improve on TD count from last year (5).

Aaron Jones vs Devonta Freeman

This matchup between 3rd round running backs is an interesting one. Both are tied to offenses and quarterbacks that are have been great over the last few years and neither really have competition for touches. There’s an argument to be made for both of these guys that they have the upside to be top 12 RBs by the end of the year. They both should have a decent floor as well assuming they get 15+ touches a game in these high scoring offenses. So who does the Poll Sports community believe is the better pick?

Poll Winner: Aaron Jones with 51% of the vote.

Did they get it right? No, I don’t believe they did. Like I said before, in the third round you could do a lot worse than taking one of these players as either your low-end RB1 or RB2 with upside in drafts, but I like Freeman just a little more. Mostly, I’ve seen Freeman be the RB1 overall at the end of the season before and he’s finally healthy with no more Tevin Coleman in town to steal touches. His lack of health last season is making him go at a supreme discount. He got a huge contract (for an RB) just two years ago and I think that’s significant. The Falcons are going to use him for all he’s worth. This isn’t hate on Aaron Jones, but he is still mostly potential at this point as we haven’t seen him do it as a feature back for an entire season. As you can see in the poll, this decision is basically a coin flip, but I do prefer Freeman.

DJ Moore vs Calvin Ridley

This is a fun one here. Two second-year WR’s coming off very promising rookie years who are both going to take major steps forward this upcoming season. They’re also both operating in offenses that should take another step this year. WR is one go those positions that analysts used to say ‘wait until year 3’, but these guys have high-end 5th round ADP. I’ve even seen Moore going as high as early 4th sometimes. So who does the Poll Sports community say we should take?

Poll Winner: DJ Moore with 52% of the vote.

Did they get it right? Yes. I believe Moore is the correct play here simply because he has the chance to be the number 1 option in that offense. Ridley is playing across from Julio Jones who will always get the coverage towards him and give Ridley ample opportunity to get some big plays, but his target share in the offense will always at his ceiling be 2nd fiddle. At this point in drafts, I’m still going with the guy who can be a number 1.

James White vs Tarik Cohen

Two of my favorite PPR picks in the 5th/6th round area, especially in BestBall formats, are these two RBs. Both are in great offensive situations with some of the best offensive play-callers in the NFL putting them in positions to succeed. James White had a career year last year with 87 receptions and Tarik was a little behind him with 71. The downside with these two is that their involvement each week can really peak and valley as they can be game plan dependent based on the opponent’s defensive tendencies. Although, that concern is already baked into their respective ADPs. So who is the crowd taking first between these two?

Poll Winner: James White with 53% of the vote.

Did the Poll Sports community get it right? Yes. Yes they did. James White was a top 10 RB from last season who now has uncertain receiving targets around him, the full trust of Tom Brady, and is coming in at a supreme discount ADP wise. While both the Patriots and Bears do run a committee approach, there is no uncertainty with White’s role. Tarik on the other hand, even though he has the bigger playmaking ability, has a little more competition for touches this season with the addition of David Montgomery, Mike Davis, and Cordarrelle Patterson (who is also taking RB reps in camp).

Geronimo Allison vs Marquez Valdes-Scantling (MVS)

This poll here is for one of the biggest questions going into the fantasy 2019 season. Who will be the WR to emerge across from Devante Adams in this new Aaron Rodgers/Matt Lefleur offense? We know Devante Adams is going to command a major target share, maybe the most in the NFL this year, drafting the right guy at there 9th/10th round ADP could be a league-winning decision for a lot of people. So who does the Poll Sports community like in this case?

Poll Winner: MVS with 57% of the vote.

Did they get it right? No, but not for the reason you think. Honestly, I’d be lying to you if I said I knew how this situation was going to work itself out this year. We’ve heard a lot of great things about both MVS and Allison in training camp so far and both should have roles going forward. I’m honestly just stunned that this poll isn’t closer. I feel like it’s such a 50/50 toss-up to have more people thinking that MVS is going to be the guy makes me want to jump on Allison more with his ADP sliding just a bit. Allison had the number 2 role last season before he got hurt and did pretty well with it. MVS showed his ability with a few 100-yard games last year but was pretty inefficient when he got more targets. Either way, this is as close a toss-up as we can have to go into the year and like I said before investing in either at their ADP is potential league-winning decision if one steps up and takes the WR2 target reigns from the other.

Hopefully, the polls embedded in this article will help us break some of the ties on these controversial poll questions! If you’d like to get instant advice on your fantasy leagues I invite you to come visit Poll Sports and create a poll of your own. We have a community of knowledgeable fantasy players who have earned credibility based on accuracy and their ability to offer helpful advice.

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