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Digital Draft Board Showdown: PrimeTime vs FanDraft vs Clicky Draft - 2015 Edition

By August 19, 2015August 1st, 2018No Comments
Clicky Draft Review - 2017 - Fantasy Football

This is the 2015 Draftboard Showdown. You can find the 2017 version here.

Fantasy draft day is truly incredible.

If you’ve been reading Let’s Talk Fantasy Football for a while you’ll know that my love for it is nothing new.

There’s just something special about the day all of your research and hardwork comes together for several excitement and stressfilled hours.

Enough about me and my love, let’s talk about the draft board.

It’s a crucial piece that too many leagues and commissioners overlook each and every year.

Stop drafting on Yahoo, ESPN or NFL. Seriously. STOP.

Even if you’re drafting remotely there are still countless digital draft board options to make the day truly memorable.

It’s why I’m here today.

After doing 3 individual review of PrimeTime Draft, FanDraft and ClickyDraft — I’m back to put them head to head.

The Clicky Draft, FanDraft and PrimeTime Draft Showdown

To be honest, declaring a winner is going to be rough. These are 3 of the best online options you can consider, but that’s why they pay me the big bucks (they really don’t).

For full disclosure, I nor has Let’s Talk Fantasy Football been compensated in any way for conducting individual or group reviews of these softwares. We were simply granted access to their full softwares to test all of their capabilities. These softwares and their teams are seeing this review at the same time you are, no early access for anyone.

With that, let’s get into the match.

PrimeTime Draft

I gave PrimeTime Draft it’s original review on June 4th and I loved a ton of the things it brought to the table.

There were a few things I wanted to see addressed by the time the season rolled around. Let’s explore the good, the bad and what’s gotten better.

Here’s my original video review:

How do I rate it’s features?

  • Setup: 4/5
  • Usability: 4/5
  • Common Sense Factor: 4/5
  • Remote Access: 5/5
  • Price: 4/5

The remote view may be my favorite part (the price is included). You can invite people to watch the draft (only watch) with a distinct URL that keeps up with the pace of your draft. You can also allow people to draft remotely (I only tested this on my Macbook Pro — not mobile). It worked flawlessly and was like I was the one controlling the main draft screen.

My two biggest complaints from my original review was the report card crashing at the end of the draft and the difficulty I had making trades. Both have been addressed in the most recent version, so I’m more than pleased.

If you’re looking for a digital draft board to replace your old traditional one, this is a great choice.

It’s clean, simple and easy to setup. You can’t mess up using the board and it’s just like having the real thing in person, minus the mess of stickers and sheets.


I gave FanDraft it’s original review back in May. It was my first introduction into drafting online, away from one of the big names.

They showed me some cool features and they left some things to be desired.

Here’s my original video review:

How do I rate it’s features?

  • Setup: 3/5
  • Usability: 4/5
  • Common Sense Factor: 4/5
  • Remote Access: 3/5
  • Price: 3/5

The remote view may be one of the biggest negatives of FanDraft. They require you to pay extra to draft remotely. Yikes. I didn’t test the feature, but it seems legit minus the added cost.

I knocked the price because of that piece too. It’s just silly. Although the cost is still nothing in comparison.

It’s a great piece of software and my video review above gives you the best fantasy draft board insight.

Clicky Draft

I gave ClickyDraft its final review on August 13th and loved nearly every second of it.

I love the fact that it’s all digital. Signup for free, login and you’re ready to go. No download required.

Here’s my original video review:

How do I rate it’s features?

  • Setup: 3/5
  • Usability: 4/5
  • Common Sense Factor: 4/5
  • Remote Access: 5/5
  • Price: 4/5

The setup is pretty simple, but there are a few pieces I wasn’t positive on when running through it the first time. The second time through I nailed it, seriously no questions or problems.

If it wasn’t for the setup questions/issues I’d give it a higher score. Which may even allow it to compete for the #1 ranking.

I think my video review above says it all.

The Fantasy Draft Board Verdict

Choosing a winner was more difficult than you may think.

If I had to commit to one of these for my rapidly approaching draft day it'd be PrimeTime Draft. They have incredible support, the software is easy to use and it's easy on the eyes. As we drink throughout our draft we need simplicity. PrimeTime nails that.

A Close Second: This goes to Clicky Draft. I love that it's could based and it's really easy to use as well. I could be swayed to move towards Clicky Draft in future seasons, but for now I'll stay with my heart.

Rounding out the top 3: FanDraft. Their software was fun to use but seemed dated at times. I think it had some great integration options and allowed a ton of customization. At times, it almost felt like too much. I like the simplicity factor more on the other two options.

Again, it was all personal preference, but what draft software do you plan on using for your upcoming draft? Is it one of these three or do you have a software you love even more?

Nick Schreck