As a football or fantasy football fan you likely want to be able to watch your favorite NFL team every Sunday.

I've got great news because I can get you $10 off/month your DirecTV bill and NFL Sunday Ticket for 2016 for FREE.

DirectTV Promo Code for 2016

Sadly it only works for new subscribers to DirecTV. For those of you that are already subscribers I've included some tips below that may allow you to get Sunday Ticket for free anyway.

If you're looking to save $10/month for 10 months ($100) and get NFL Sunday Ticket for free for 2016 then this DirecTV promo code is for you.

  1. Start with this link (it includes the promo code right off the bat).
  2. You'll see an account number that you'll need to use when signing up. Copy the account number on the screen or use this one: 47143558
  3. Click "Get DirecTV" and then enter your zip code to check if service is available by you.
  4. You'll need to look through the packages to find what fits you best. The CHOICE package, currently $29.99/month, is the lowest one that gets you Sunday Ticket for 2016 for Free. They also include a $100 giftcard, premium channels for free for 3 months and some other addons (these may vary).
  5. Move through the process based on your needs!
  6. Don't forget to use account #47143558  to get the $10/month discount!

You can also call DirecTV and place your order that way with the account number.

*Remember, DirecTV can change their promotion at anytime, so we can't guarentee that you'll get this offer. Make sure to watch what you signup for, at your own risk.

DirecTV Promo Code 2016 for Current Subscribers

Bad news guys, DirecTV won't accept promo codes for current subscribers. Total bummer I know. Don't worry, all hope is not lost!

There's a way you can try and get your bill lowered, get free upgrades on hardware or get Sunday Ticket for free for 2016!

Disclaimer: These steps come courtesy of and their users and we can't promise they will work for you. Results may vary.

  • Call 1-800-531-5000
  • Get to retentions department
  • Confirm you are in retentions department
  • Don't bother with their offers and simply request a cancellation 2 weeks out
  • Confirm cancellation date
  • Wait to receive "We won't you back", "Let us make it right", "blah blah" call or email with special 877-250-4624 number and NEWDEAL1 or NEWDEAL2 code
  • If you receive that email, great. Go ahead and call in as soon as you receive it.
  • If you DO NOT receive the email in a few days, call the 877-250-4624 number anyway and tell them you received the email
  • You may get turned down for "not being in their system" yet
  • If that is the case, ask if they can get you added to the system
  • No matter what they say, call back in 48 hours or so and try again
  • You may still have to haggle with them a bit to get everything listed in this thread ($200 GC, 12 month discounts on package, free 2015 Sunday Ticket Max, 3 months of premium movie channels, all requiring a 12 month commitment (24 months if you elect to receive new equipment)), but they also may just lay it all out there for you from the start
  • If all else fails, you can always call the 1-800-531-5000 number back before the date you set and have the cancellation removed and try the whole process again later.

To see people's success and attempts you can look at the forum here. Unfortunately there is no magic DirecTV promo code for current subscribers. It usually depends on the rep you get on the phone and how long you've been a customer with them.

*This photo is courtesy of Allan P. Judd and Wikimedia. This photo is used in accordance with creative commons and was not altered in any way.

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