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Fantasy Football: There's No Reason to Worry About Devonta Freeman

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In 2015, Devonta Freeman was the highest scoring fantasy back with more than 1,600 yards from scrimmage and 14 touchdowns. Those numbers have dropped in each of his two following seasons, although Freeman's year-end totals have still been pretty darn good.

Is Tevin Coleman the cause of Freeman's falling numbers, and is Coleman's presence a reason to fade Freeman this season?

Our One True God: Volume

It’s important to know why Freeman is such a high-scoring fantasy back before we can say how much Coleman hurts him.

First, Freeman is typically seeing more touches per game than most other players. In the past three years combined, Freeman is one of just four guys to place in the top-10 of carries and running back targets (with the others being Le'Veon BellLeSean McCoy and Melvin Gordon).

This speaks to both his usage and durability as he’s missed only three games in as many seasons at one of the most injury-riddled positions in football.

Fantasy is, at its core, an opportunity-based game, and Freeman has been getting as much raw volume as just about anyone in football.

It's not just any kind of volume, either, as Freeman also gets the best kind of volume: red-zone touches.

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