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Delanie Walker Is Flying Under the Radar in Fantasy Football

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According to Fantasy Football CalculatorDelanie Walker is going at an average draft position (ADP) of 77.8. That makes him, on average, the eighth tight end off the board in the seventh round of standard 12-team drafts.

In a year full of exciting tight end options, with Rob Gronkowski and Travis Kelce making up the elite two, Jimmy Graham landing in the league's best offense. and Zach Ertz and Evan Engram showing the potential to join the elite at the position, an unheralded veteran like Walker can be easy to forget about.

For a guy that is consistently a high-volume fantasy producer, Walker's current ADP creates serious value ahead of the 2018 season.

In Good Company

Thanks to the low correlation for the number pass plays teams run year over year, my preferred method for looking at targets is to calculate a player's target market share, the percentage of a team's targets a player accounts for.

Since Walker landed with the Tennessee Titans in 2013, the only two players that have ranked top-10 among tight ends in target market share in all five seasons have been Walker and future Hall of Famer and now ESPN broadcaster Jason Witten, who even in the twilight of his career was a focal point of the Dallas offense.

And to just say top-10 undersells how impressive Walker's volume has been.

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