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Looking Back at Week 4 DFS Production

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2016 Fantasy Football Advice

There's no avoiding the fact that daily fantasy football is a huge part of the future.

Forget about the scandal in the DFS community right now. Things are always going to happen. All of those companies will prevail.

Instead, let's take a look at some of the biggest names in DFS from week 4.

I know you may not think looking back is important, but I promise it is.

You can see the guys that are consistent, the ones who are flukes and the ones that may truly make you a millionaire.

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DraftKings - Week 4 of 2015

If you haven't seen a DraftKings commercial yet this season, you're in the minority.

With advertising everywhere it's no surprise to hear that people are jumping into the DFS game.

We're here to show you who the weeks top performers were and how we feel about some of those names looking towards week 5 and beyond.

DraftKings Weekly Leaders - Week 4

Devonta Freeman

Freeman started his coming out party against the Giants with about at 15 point performance. With the injury to Coleman he got his chance to shine, and what a shine it has been.

If you played him in your daily lineups for either week 3 or week 4 you likely won some money, if the rest of your lineup was is pretty good shape.

He's literally carrying daily fantasy teams right now.

Vincent Jackson

Jackson has been a bit interesting. After being a DFS dissapointment in weeks 1 & 3 (partially in week 2) he gave us a monster performance in week 4.

I don't think it's something you can count on for week 5, especially with Evans performance in week 3. Winston doesn't look comfortable and therefore it makes me worry about Jackson for week 5.

Le'Veon Bell

Talk about a stud.

It's clear that missing 2 games hasn't slowed him down. He also appears poised to survive losing Big Ben for several games.

He's scored 26 points or more in 6 of his last 8 games (that he played in).

Now that's incredible.

FanDuel - Week 4 of 2015

As with any week, you'll find some of the same players atop of each sites leaderboards.

Here we breakdown some of the top names and offer our insight looking forward.

FanDuel is an awesome daily fantasy site, one we recommend you check out. But not before you see what NFL players did on their site in week 4.

FanDuel - Week 4 Leaders

Tavon Austin

When it came to week 4, Tavon ruled the world. He looked really good.

For daily fantasy purposes, I can't trust it just yet.

Why you ask? Because he's averaged less than 12 points per game in 7 of his last 10 games.

This was a big first step. Let's give him time to prove it once again.

Philip Rivers

After consecutive down weeks it appears that Rivers has pulled himself together. That's right, he posted a sweet 26.22 points in week 4.

Depending on his price and matchup, I can get on board. I'd like to see it more but when you want to go cheaper at QB, it's all about the matchup.

Allen Hurns

Hurns was a popular cheap play this week for many DSFers, and rightfully so. He rewarded them with 23.10 points, greatly outperforming his pricetag.

It appears that his role has only increased since week 1, showing growth in fantasy points every week since then.

I think he comes back down slightly in week 5, but hell, the numbers don't lie. They may have something good going on in Jacksonville.

Recapping Week 4 Daily Fantasy Football

Week 4 truly brought us back to earth after some big weeks from Freeman, Randle and others that led you to victory.

We'll never say that a future week is predictable, as we know "any given Sunday" is a thing.

Our best advice to you is this, the trend is your friend. We have enough data after 4 weeks to see what teams give up big #'s to what positions and what guys have proven (so far) to be one-hit wonders.

If you want to win the million you'll have to get creative and mix in a bit of luck. But we believe in you. Promise.

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