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Clicky Draft Fantasy Football Draft Board Review - 2015 Edition

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I love fantasy draft time.

Don't get me wrong, I love the season too. There's just something about the prep and the hype that gets the blood pumping.

As you evaluate the draft board options for your upcoming draft you'll be faced with two options: the in-person board or the digital option.

There are some people who simply love the feel of stickers and physical draft boards. To those of you in that group, I applaud you. But this review isn't for you.

This is for anyone who drafts digitally or is considering it.

I'm not talking about spending time on NFL, ESPN, Yahoo, MyFantasyLeague or other alternatives. I'm talking about some digital options to use for both in-person drafts and remote ones.

My Clicky Draft review is the final piece in our 3-way showdown between FanDraft and PrimeTime Draft software for the 2015 fantasy season.

Before I bore you with words, let's see what Clicky Draft has in store for you.

For the record, I (nor does Let's Talk Fantasy Football) have any connection or relationship with Clicky Draft. We weren't compensated in any way and we're simply giving our honest thoughts on the software -- both the good and bad. It's simply the right thing to do.

The Clicky Draft Board Review

I've give you the written version below, but I always believed that seeing is believing. That's why I've done a video walkthrough to show you exactly what I see.

I accidentally cut myself off at the end, but all the good stuff is there. I would have just rambled useless things after the cut, so it's for the best.

So there you have it. The definitive walkthrough and review to Clicky Draft.

Pros and Cons of Clicky Draft

There were a ton of things I loved about Clicky Draft and there were just a few things I'd love to improve. Not even sure I'd call them cons. Here's my Clicky Draft review in a nutshell.


  • General Ease of Use - Seriously, anyone can figure out how to use this. The settings are clear and things simply make sense. There are a few improvements I'd like to see, but overall -- A.
  • Web-Based: I love that I don't need to download anything. It can all be done from my browser with ease and it's. No lagging or waiting around with Clicky Draft.
  • Mobile Friendly: I haven't tested this personally, but I've seen some good things. Seems compatible on mobile and tablet which means you can always draft.
  • Sharing and Big Screens: Looking to use it on the TV? No problem. Have fans or friends that want to watch remotely? Send them a link to that has no impact on the actual draft.


  • In Draft Trades: To be fair they warn you that teams and picks lock in the settings, but it seems to be a pain if you make trades in draft. You can manually trade picks in the settings before the draft, but not during. It's possible I missed something however.

Overall it was a great experience. It required almost no setup time, it was clean looking and easy to use. It's one I'd recommend people test for themselves.

Clicky Draft offers a free version for everyone and a free two-round test of their premium and standard options let you test all of the features you may need.

There's also a great Reddit thread on ClickyDraft where you can see some more users experiences and feedback from 2014. They say the proof is in the pudding.

With this Clicky Draft review wrapped up, it's time for the 3-way shootout between Clicky Draft, PrimeTime Draft & FanDraft.

Who do you think the best digital draft board software award should go to?

[This photo is courtesy of Clicky Draft and all rights are reserved by them.]

Nick Schreck