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Clicky Draft Fantasy Draft Board Review - 2017 Edition

By July 30, 2017August 1st, 2017No Comments
Clicky Draft Review - 2017 - Fantasy Football

Forget Christmas. Forget Birthdays. Forget any other day that you think may be the best day of the year.

The best day of the year is always fantasy draft day.

It's why we spend so much time in the offseason getting ready for the upcoming season. We try and podcast our faces off, share articles from some of the best in the business and even write fantasy football draft board reviews. Why? Because we care too much.

But I digress.

You're here to see if Clicky Draft can truly be the fantasy football draft board your league deserves...and I'm here to help you out.

So let's dive in.

Clicky Draft Fantasy Football Draft Board

It's arguably the digital fantasy football draft board of the future. It's been around for quite some time, but it's growing in popularity with the growth of cell phones and tech.

We did a comparison review of Clicky Draft in 2016 with two other digital draft board alternatives here if you want to see what it looked like last year.

Based on my early experiences with the 2017 Clicky Draft fantasy draft board, you won't be disappointed.

So how do I rate the features of the 2017 version of Clicky Draft?

  • Setup: 4/5
  • Usability: 5/5
  • Common Sense Factor: 5/5
  • Remote Access: 5/5
  • Price: 5/5

Let's dive in just a little deeper:

Setup of 2017 Clicky Draft

The setup of the software is extremely easy. There are a ton of options and you could spend a lot of time getting ready.

Overall you'll learn as you click around. I was able to do it very simply for the first time in 2017. Clicky Draft 2017 nails this part of the review.

Usability of 2017 Clicky Draft

I basically look at the usability of Clicky Draft software as dummy proof (don't get offended). It really is just that simple to use.

The buttons are clear, the edits make sense and they don't overwhelm you with options or buttons. That's a win.

Common Sense Factor of 2017 Clicky Draft

See usability above. It's dummy proof. End. Of. Story.

Remote Access of 2017 Clicky Draft

I won't lie, I didn't test the software on my iPhone or Tablet. But Clicky Draft swears that it works flawlessly with those devices, and I believe them.

Price of 2017 Clicky Draft

Before July 5th they're giving you the premium version for $9.99. At that price you get every feature, no ads and it only costs $1/person in your league of 10.

How can you say no?

Video Review of 2017 Clicky Draft


The Ultimate 2017 Clicky Draft Review

If you're not convinced that Clicky Draft can be the right fit for your leagues digital draft in 2017, then I'm wasting your time.

The price is great, the software is great and it should work great on the go for anyone who can't make the draft.

Just do it already.

Nick Schreck