The Chiefs Have Been Fined for Tampering

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Chiefs Fined for Tampering 2016

The Kansas City Chiefs have been fined by the NFL for what is being called "tampering" with Jeremy Maclin in 2015...

As a Chiefs fan, I'm obviously not happy about this at all. The NFL is extremely inconsistent with how they handle "tampering" and seem to make fines/decisions on a whim.

Now that I've gotten my bias out of the way, here are the fines.

  • Forfeit 3rd and 6th round draft picks in 2016 draft.
  • Andy Redi & John Dorsey fined $100k combined.
  • Chiefs fined $250k.

The good news? The Chiefs will appeal. That's according to Clark Hunt and the statement posted on their website: 

“Today we were informed by the National Football League that our club will be disciplined for an infraction during the 2015 free agency negotiating period.
“While we respect Commissioner Goodell and the process, we believe that the penalties proposed in this case are inconsistent with discipline enforced in similar matters – particularly given the league's inconsistent communication of its policies on contact with potential free agents.
“As an organization, we take great care to conduct ourselves with integrity and operate within the guidelines of the NFL. We have been fully cooperative and transparent with the league in this matter, and we are disappointed with the league’s decision. I want to make it clear that I fully support the leadership of both Coach Reid and John Dorsey. We will continue to explore our options under the appeal process.”
- Chiefs Chairman & CEO Clark Hunt

Bring it on Roger Goodell. Bring. It. On.

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