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The Best Chernobyl Fantasy Football Team Names of 2019

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The Best Chernobyl Fantasy Football Team Names of 2019

Chernobyl is the highly-acclaimed HBO limited series that explores the after-effects from the 1986 Russian nuclear power plant accident and the cover-up that followed the aftermath by the leaders of the Soviet communist government. Those within the nuclear industry consider Chernobyl to be the worst nuclear disaster in our history as a large number of Russian citizens were affected by the results.

The plant director (Vikor Bryukhanov), chief engineer (Nikolai Fomin) and deputy chief engineer (Anatoly Dyatlov) were sentenced to 10 years inside a labor camp for their roles in causing the nuclear accident. Many who worked under them felt the trio created unwanted tension within the workplace that ultimately lead to the disaster.

Those who lived through this tragedy felt the depiction from the series of the actual events were quite accurate. The results from the nuclear catastrophe were shown in a very powerful way, especially in reference to a possible global disaster. The death toll was 29 plant employees and firefighters who died from the results of Acute Radiation Syndrome (ARS).

Most of the deaths came a few weeks following the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. Many television critics remarked that the HBO series brought to light the dynamics and ultimate flaws of a doomed political regime. The ensemble cast perfectly portrayed the emotions and concerns of the general public and local authorities during the entire ordeal.

The Best Chernobyl Fantasy Team Names of 2019

We know that a TON of you are fans of Chernobyl and have tuned in on HBO.

After putting our heads together and watching all of Chernobyl, these are the best Chernobyl fantasy football team names we've found for 2019.

So let's do it.

  • Red Zone Scare Alert
  • Chernobyl's Dirty Landry
  • Nick Chubbnobyl
  • You Gotta McKinnon Me!!!
  • Orange Crush Skin
  • The Truth Ertz
  • A Nuclear Dakaster
  • Not My Forte
  • Chernobyl Post Mahomes
  • Nuclear Faulkout
  • Gronknobyl
  • Nuclear JJ Wattage
  • Hide and Zeke
  • You Kaepernick The Future
  • Radiation Infection Red Zone
  • All You Snead is Love
  • Red Skin Hurns Alert
  • Let The Thielen Begin
  • Chernobyl, Watt Do You Need?
  • Chernobyl is No Place Like Mahomes

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So combine the best Chernobyl fantasy team names with some killer fantasy advice.

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