Saturday, June 24, 2017
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Best Fantasy Football Blogs of 2016

The 10 Best Fantasy Football Blogs

Updated: 5/30/17Every year fans of fantasy football are looking for every edge they can find, or at least someplace they can read about fantasy and enjoy doing it. You're looking for stats, helpful information and possibly even some fun...
2017 fantasy Football podcasts - Best Rated

The Best Fantasy Football Podcasts of 2017

You came here looking for the best, and we're here to deliver.We promise we won't promote ourselves as the best fantasy football podcast of 2017 (although we'd love to believe we are).So let's take a look at some of...
2017 Fantasy Football Team Names

The Best Fantasy Football Team Names of 2017

Fantasy football is the one true love of every fantasy football player. Any dedicated fantasy player knows that they need a great and classic fantasy name to enter the season. The 2017 season is no exception to that rule.Many...
Fantasy Football Podcast

The 2016 Fantasy Draft Guide

We're looking to kick things off with a bang.While we're not quite ready to release our 2016 draft guide, we're already thinking about it.We'd love to give you a free copy once it's done in early August. All we...
Clicky Draft Review - 2017 - Fantasy Football

Digital Draft Board Showdown: PrimeTime vs FanDraft vs Clicky Draft

Fantasy draft day is truly incredible.If you’ve been reading Let’s Talk Fantasy Football for a while you’ll know that my love for it is nothing new.There’s just something special about the day all of your research and hardwork comes...
NFL vs ESPN vs Yahoo

Fantasy Football Site Rankings: ESPN vs. NFL vs. Yahoo

This review was updated on 6/1/17Whether you're a seasoned vet or a first timer playing fantasy football, you probably know just how important choosing the right website to host your league is. I mean after all you're going to...