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Can Cams' Superman Powers Save Him?

By June 9, 2014No Comments

I’ve seen the blog articles, watched the fantasy analysis and listened to the podcasts. They all love to hate on Cam for 2014. They can’t stop talking about how he’s lost all of his receivers - now what is he going to do?

I agree that losing his receivers hurts him. It would hurt anyone. Fortunately for fantasy owners, we’ve depended on Cam’s legs much more than we have his receivers. Before we explore where Cam is going in 2014, let’s reflect on what he’s done so far.

Since the Beginning

Love him or hate him, Cam has been a fantasy force since joining the league 3 years ago. He has posted two top-5 finishes and finished as the 6th ranked QB in 2013. In 2013 he had a career high with 24 touchdowns and he’s rush for 28 touchdowns and just over 2,000 yards in his career. Translating those to fantasy leaves him as the 4th best fantasy QB each of his first 3 seasons.

Reasons to Believe The Trend Is His Friend

Cam has only been beaten by the same three quarterbacks every year: Aaron Rodgers, Peyton Manning and Drew Brees. While I don’t expect him to be passing them anytime soon, that’s an impressive list to be near.

We know Cam relies on his legs and luckily for fantasy owners, there are none that run quite as well as Cam does. He runs with speed and power and he can take hits like a champ. When you look at the receiving core of Carolina, you can bet your ass he’ll be running a lot more than he ever has.

Reasons to Believe Cam is Going to Fail

Nothing here is going to surprise you. His top receivers going into 2014 are a rookie who is filled with raw talent, Jericho Cotchery who has seen better days and Jason Avant who can still play, but is a downgrade from Steve Smith.

Let’s also not forget that they lost Steve Smith. Don’t get me wrong, Steve Smith was a great asset to their offense, but he wasn’t the man who kept Cam’s fantasy value alive. He was a great complement to a mobile QB.

My Beliefs on Cam

I think it’s time that Cam slides out of the top 4 of fantasy quarterbacks. I still believe he holds top-10 value, just not at the draft position he is being taken right now.

Cam will continue to run, and thankfully his points have always come from running. If the rookie can develop quickly Cam may have a better season than I forsee right now.

Every player has a point where they’re too good of a value to pass up on, for me Cam will have to fall pretty far. I’m sure there are some people who still love what he’s done in the past. Call me skeptical, but I think it’s time to move a few different QB's up the fantasy rankings.

Do you think Cam is bound to keep the trend alive? Tell me why you think he has what it takes.

Nick Schreck