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Buying a Fantasy Football Draft Board: The Ultimate Guide

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Fantasy football is a lot of things: fun, competitive and in some instances it can make you some money. Above all else though, fantasy football is an experience. It’s a chance for you to feel the excitement of “owning” a team, drafting players and creating the winning roster.

The draft is the most pivotal part of the game and one that should be done live. There are those who use draft board software and do online computer drafts, but that makes the whole experience impersonal, like you’re playing a video game.

This is a draft based on real players that play in actual games and theres nothing better than drafting together with your fellow league members and friends. Don’t worry, we’re here to tell you everything you need to know to buy the right board and get your league off to a good start.

The draft board is where you see everyone's teams come to life, so it's important to buy the right one.

Your fantasy football draft board is where you list all the teams in your league and the players they draft at each position.  All eyes are on the board so it should be big and colorful with clearly defined columns and rows.  Your board should have each team name and their pick for each round.

Know About Your Fantasy Football League

Before buying a fantasy football draft board you need to decide what type of draft league it will be.  There are 4 major types of draft leagues: Standard, Auction, Dynasty and Keeper.  Once you pick the style you can determine the rules: how many teams are in the league, how many players are on each team and rules of play to determine what size board is right for you.

League sizes can vary anywhere between 8- 16 teams. It is best to keep your league to even numbers in the event of head-to-head team competition. In that environment smaller leagues tend to feel more competitive from the start, since one bad week could eliminate you.

Team sizes differ also, but most teams usually consist of: 2 quarterbacks, 3 running backs, 3 wide receivers, 2 tight ends, one kicker and 2 defensive units.

Choosing a Fantasy Football Draft Board

Now you can get down to business and pick your fantasy football draft board. There are various types both online and in-stores. In-store shopping is limited in the stores that carry them. Online offers more options and it is a less time-consuming process.

You should look around to see which fantasy football draft boards best suit your style (labels versus dry-erase for example) and which have the most to offer. We have done some investigating for you and come up with some great choices.

We also gave you different pricing options too, although price should not be a big factor: every team should contribute, which eliminates money concerns and makes the cost minimal.

If your league is on the smaller size, My Draft Day has a great 10 team draft board for only $25.  It is a huge 3ft x 5ft board with over 400 player labels. All players are current and up-to-date and My Draft Day is a well-known seller in this field. They also have 12 team boards available.

If you’re new to fantasy football then check out Fantasy Sports draft boards. The board is 4ft x 3ft and is made with 24lb Heavyweight coated paper, so no need to worry about wear and tear. It comes with over 450 labels and each positions labels are a different color, plus additional blank labels. The labels are constantly updated so the newest rookies are included. Their boards cost roughly $30.

If you want something with a little more flash, then you should consider Bruno's Draft Boards. They have different sizes, including Jumbo and the Elephant. They even have a re-usable board which means you only have to order new labels every season.

Making a Fantasy Football Decision

These tips should help you find the perfect fantasy football draft board. Fantasy football is exciting on many levels, but none more than the live draft. It’s a time for you and your fellow owners to really get into the fantasy spirit. Everyone watches as you go up and place your player on the board, like you’re in an actual draft. It makes the whole experience fun, and in the end that’s what fantasy football should be.

Nick Schreck