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Brunos Draft Boards: Our Review

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As everyone looks forward to fantasy football draft day we all know that you need a killer fantasy draft board. One of the biggest and most popular names in the business belongs to Brunos Draft Boards.

Many also know them as Brunos Draft Kits, although they recently launched a new site which can be found at Brunos Drat Boards.

Brunos Draft Boards has been around as long as I can remember. I honestly can't tell you what year they were established, but hell they seem to know what they're doing. They continue to grow, they've launched their new website and their product offerings appear to have remained stellar.

Remember if your don't work on your fantasy football rankings prior to the draft, having a draft board will be useless.

Brunos Draft Boards - Product Offerings

Brunos draft boards are known for their attention to detail and their variety of fantasy draft board options They currently offer 6 different types of draft boards to ensure they can match the need of nearly every fantasy football fan that exists.

If you're evaluating their draft boards and their offerings they break them down into 2 main categories:

Off the Shelf Draft Boards:

  1. Small - This is ideal for leagues with 10 fantasy teams. This extends out to 24 rounds which should be great for the average fantasy football league.
  2. The Commissioner's Dream - This is perfect for leagues with 14 fantasy teams that need to go for at least 26 rounds.
  3. The Jumbo - If your league is super intense and requires 16 teams, this is the board for you. This one will take you 18 rounds, which is the smallest of their offerings.
  4. The Elephant - This one lives up to the name. You can have up to 16 fantasy football teams coupled with 29 rounds of fantasy football awesomeness. Hot damn.

Customizable Fantasy Football Draft Boards:

  1. The Custom - A bit of a bland name for me, but hell you can have up to 20 teams and 31 rounds. Talk about intensity.
  2. The Reusable - This is exactly as it sounds. You can use this bad boy over and over with its 20 slots for teams and 31 rounds to draft.

When it comes to materials Brunos Draft Boards uses the standard. They average 30lb paper, which is equivalent to most draft boards you'll find online.

One of the coolest features I've found with their draft boards so far (except for the small option) is that you can upgrade your board to a Banner Board for only $20 more. A Banner Board is made of a vinyl material that is known to be stronger than the traditional paper and can be bent and used to create a free standing board. For many leagues this is crucial because you can't always use tape or thumbtacks depending on where you're drafting.

Of course if you're getting the small option or opting not to upgrade to a Brunos Draft Board Banner Board, consider getting a cheap stand. No one enjoys thumbtacks and tape on their walls.

Brunos Draft Boards - League Offerings

Brunos Draft Boards are perfect for nearly every league type you can think of (I can't promise 100%, but I sure do feel pretty good about it). They offer both IDP and Auction leagues, position based fantasy labels and even deep player pool labels for leagues that take every fantasy football player into account.

They print all of their labels on 2x tall sheets, that means you shuffle less sheets and look at more players. That's bound to make the process easier...or harder if you're torn on your pick. Either way, I love it.

They claim they'll update their player sheets throughout the offseason to ensure you get the most up-to-date player labels. I've seen that statement from most vendors, so that's not a differentiator here.

Bruno Draft Board Alternatives

Some leagues choose to reuse their draft boards year after year (the green choice in todays society I suppose). Luckily Brunos Draft Boards offers this option to you. They also offer a downloadable version of their draft board if someone forgets to order one. Let's hope that never happens to you, but lets be honest, it happens to more people than we care to admit.

If you're looking for a reusable draft board Brunos Draft Boards offer one that is laminated and can be used with removable labels. Currently their removable labels are $35 for the season, which is a bit expensive for my taste, depending on how much you spend on your draft board per season.

I think the reusable option is best if you need it for multiple leagues or if you are a business that hosts fantasy football drafts. This could work out in your favor then. Otherwise I personally recommend going with a classic board. There's nothing like putting that sticker onto the board. It just feels so permanent.

Brunos Draft Boards - Customization Options

Brunos Draft Boards wants you to be able to add some personality to your fantasy draft. They offer a customizable fantasy football draft board for $43 that includes having your leagues name printed across the top, the option to print you board in a particular color, the ability to have your board printed to size (meaning no empty rows from extra teams or rounds) and printed team labels (all places do this). '

Brunos Draft Boards - Using the Website

Navigating the website and making a decision between draft boards leaves something to be desired for me. It's an improvement over their original site, however I still believe there could be a simpler way. It appears to busy and limits a quick and easy decision in my eyes.

They offer some great perks, which includes a free Koozie with purchases over $28 and discounts on draft boards if you purchase it there the following year. The site is totally usable and gets the job done, I just wish for something a bit smoother to convey the awesome product offerings they have.

Brunos Draft Boards - The Price

When all is said and done it's all about the money. I believe Brunos Draft Boards are competively priced amongst the industry. If you're looking for a cheap standard board you should look elsewhere. However, I don't think that's the brand they want to be. Brunos is meant to offer options to fantasy owners that want a step above the rest. Their standard 12-team draft board cots $29.

The Final Word On Brunos Draft Boards

The customization options and benefits for both new and returning fantasy fans is awesome. Despite some hicicups with the website I'd recommend them for all of your fantasy draft board needs. In fact, the fact that they cost slightly more than the average doesn't scare me off at all. I think that once the cost is spread amongst your league you won't even notice.

*We are NOT affiliated with Brunos Draft Boards in any way and received nothing in exchange for this review or our thoughts on the brand/site/pricing options.

Have you had any experiences with Brunos Draft Boards in the past? Let us know below. We want to hear all about it.

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