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The 10 Best Fantasy Football Blogs of 2018

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The Best Fantasy Football Blogs of 2018

We LOVE talking fantasy football...hence our name.

And while we like to think we're one of your go-to fantasy football blogs/podcasts / Alexa skills, we know we aren't a household name (yet).

That's why our team put our heads together and took a deep dive into the fantasy football blogs that we truly trust, year after year.

In fact, some of these names are carry-overs from our 2017 list, while others are brand spanking new. Why? Because a spot on the list is earned each and every year.

You deserve the best, and we're here to deliver on that promise.

Our Top 10 Fantasy Football Blogs of 2018

Let's keep in mind that this list comes based off of the blogs and websites we recommend. There are a ton of great fantasy podcasts, analysts, Instagram accounts and others that offer killer advice, but they aren't doing it on their blogs.

Some of these may be league specific (think Auction, Dynasty, etc.) while others will offer the full monty of fantasy football.

The fantasy football blogs listed below are in no particular order for 2018, we love them all. So dive in and see what tickles your fancy.

It's time for some fantasy football.

The Quick List:

RotoViz - Top Fantasy Football Website of 2018

RotoViz - Best Fantasy Blog 2018RotoViz holds a special place in our heart.

I started reading and following them when LTFF launched and they've continued to rock the fantasy football world. They've got some killer apps, they love to tease you with previews of their articles and they'll always keep you reading.

Pro Football Focus (PFF) - Top Fantasy Football Website of 2018

Pro Football Focus - Best Fantasy Blog 2018I like to think of PFF as the perfect mix between stats and fantasy advice.

Depending on your access level (Free vs Edge vs Elite) you get access to different tools, draft guides, etc.

The free version is an awesome start and taste for what you need for 2018. While we don't get a kick-back for recommending them, we think their Edge offering is worth every penny. You get their 2018 draft guide, full access to fantasy articles and are always in the loop.

The PFF Guys will take care of you.

Fantasy Football Calculator - Top Fantasy Football Website of 2018

Fantasy Football Calculator - Best Fantasy Blog 2018I kinda, sorta moved away from my rules above. Fantasy Football Calculator is best known for its mock drafts and ADP data.

What many people don't realize is that they produce killer emails, some great content and some eBooks and fantasy guides as well.

Whether you're looking to mock or just check out ADPs, we can't speak highly enough of them for 2018. In fact, we love them so much we went and created our own ADP Alexa and Google Home Skills (Go enable them please? Thanks.).

The Fantasy Footballers - Top Fantasy Football Website of 2018

The Fantasy Footballers - Best Fantasy Blog 2018The Fantasy Footballers have moved into the 2018 fantasy football mainstream. They're an incredibly well-known name in fantasy circles now, but they still deliver the stats and punches you need as a fan.

They offer an incredible draft kit for the money and they continually produce podcasts, articles, videos and more for fantasy fans. In fact, it feels like there isn't a single day they take off (tough life right!?).

If you don't already know these guys, you should start here.

The Fantasy Football Auction - Top Fantasy Football Blog of 2018

The Fantasy Football Auction - Best Fantasy Blog 2018Eat. Sleep. Fantasy - Top Fantasy Football Blog of 2018

Eat Sleep Fantasy - Best Fantasy Blog 2018Cheat Sheet War Room - Top Fantasy Football Blog of 2018

Cheat Sheet War Room - Best Fantasy Blog 2018Fantasy Couch - Top Fantasy Football Blog of 2018

Fantasy Couch - Best Fantasy Blog 2018The More Fantasy Football Blogs, The Better

We know that there are way more than 10 incredible fantasy football resources for 2018. We just knew that the list would never end unless we put a number on it.

Some of these names may be new to you, which is why we recommend checking them out. Each site has a unique personality and we know that they all won't be the perfect fit for you.

You'll notice we skipped ESPN, NFL, and Yahoo. We did that because everyone and their mother are looking there at articles (especially when you host your league there).

Remember, the more you know the better draft you're going to have (errr we mean most likely). So get reading, listening and subscribing.

Of course, we'd love for you to stick around for some Let's Talk Fantasy Football advice, but if we aren't your cup of tea, we understand that too.

If you absolutely love a certain fantasy football blog or website for 2018, drop us a comment below and tell us all about it.

Editors Note: This is the updated 2018 version. Some comments below may reflect dates in the past due and may not align with the publish date of this article due to yearly updates.

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