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The 5 Most Overused Fantasy Football Team Names

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Ask any dedicated fantasy football player and they'll tell you that creating a great team name is every bit an art. We're not expecting you to bat 1000% when creating your team names but if you're going to be changing it every week at least have a meaning behind it.

Don't let that meaning be that google provided you with a list, just don't.

If you're looking to create one team name for the season I can respect that, but it better be a great one. Please stay away from searching online for fantasy team names, it just reeks of unoriginality.

The 5 Most Overused Fantasy Team Names

We've all been guilty of doing it at some point. It's just an easy out when you need to change your name or need one in a bind. The time to put an end to it is now. Try getting creative and making names that mock the guy you're playing against that week or at the very least be able to justify your name.

If everyone in your league changes their name weekly try to stay with the trend. Sometimes you'd rather repeat a name than throw a stinker on the board and that's respectable. Just don't let your name repeat streak stretch more than two weeks. It gives off the impression you just don't care. Unless you really don't care, which in that case please pick a name from the list below.

My Vick in a Box

This isn't funny or original. I get the play on words and so does everyone else, but please look for another option. Michael Vick has moved on from his glory days, now joining the Jets, and to be honest we're not trying to think about your "Vick in a Box". Wait did you used to ask people if they wanted to come to the "pants party"? Yeah I thought you might've been that guy.

Forgetting Brandon Marshall

I've owned Brandon Marshall two years straight now and to be honest I considered using this at one point, and then I thought, what does this even mean... Am I trying to forget about Brandon Marshall? He's having a pretty good year so that seems foolish. Oh and Jay Cutler blindly throws the ball his way, so I can't forget about this guy.

The movie was great and I always get a few good laughs, but it's time to put this one to bed. Let's be real, we all want to remember Brandon Marshall, the guy's a machine.

Somewhere Over the Dwayne Bowe

I've been there, done that. Being a Chief's fan I thought I was clever at some point in my life by using this. Looking back it wasn't my best decision. Look I get how it fits and the reality is it isn't terrible. I've just seen it in too many leagues and on too many name recommendation lists. It's time for this one to go away for a while.

Not Too Schauby

Wait what? This name screams that it came from a fantasy football team name search. Matt Schaub is exactly as you thought, just ugh. His name shouldn't be used in generic names like this. I mean he just went to the Raiders for a sixth round pick (he loves to throw pick sixes... see what I did there?) and that's definitely very Schauby. I just don't like it.

Show Me Your TD's

It's a great tie in between football and sexual innuendos. It's even comical the first few times you see it. I'd be surprised though if this is the first time you've seen it. The name has just been overused and burned out. We all love to see sexual innuendos in team names, they can be really funny. This one just doesn't fit the bill anymore. Sorry folks.

Honorable Mention (As in, don't use these either):

Farve Dollar Footlong, Romosexual Tendancies, Butt Fumblers and any name including Tebow.

The Top Fantasy Football Team Names

You were always told that you were destined to make an impact right? Well now's your chance. Help make these fantasy team names disappear forever. Or at least make their usage decrease greatly. Everyone in  your league will thank you. I mean let's be honest you're representing yourself and the fantasy football community, you don't want to be the fool with an unoriginal name.

Even if you come up with a name that doesn't gather any laughs or high-fives I'll still be proud of you, you didn't fall into the trap that so many other people do. Remember if you use one of these names we're not laughing with you, we're laughing at you.

Have other fantasy team names that you absolutely can't stand seeing? Share them below so we can add to the list. We know there are more than five team names that people can't stand.

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