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You're About to Change the Way You Play Fantasy Football

Let's be honest with each soon as you can just talk about fantasy football with Alexa, you're never gonna look back.

Go drink some beer, cook dinner or just walk around your house and literally talk fantasy football. That's the beauty of 2017, your voice can practically do it all. But don't take our word for it. Take a look below and see why you've been missing out.

NFL News Skill

Alexa, "What's My Flash Briefing?"

It's that easy to get the latest NFL & fantasy football news. Simply ask and Alexa will answer with the latest headlines, courtesy of LTFF.

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NFL Stats Skills

Alexa, "How many touchdown passes did Tom Brady throw in 2016?"

You'll get an answer almost instantly. That means you can feel like a stats pro without having to memorize everything, about everyone. Welcome to the future.

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The Podcast Skill

Alexa, "Open Fantasy Football Podcast."

Now you can listen to the LTFF podcast directly from Alexa, via iHeartRadio, Spotify and more. There's literally no excuse to miss an episode.

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See the Skills in Action

Here's what it's like to talk fantasy football 24/7

Average Draft Position (ADP) Alexa Skill 2:55

Here's how you can easily ask Alexa for the ADP of any player currently being drafted in Fantasy Football Calculator fantasy drafts!

Fantasy Football Podcast Alexa Skill 3:05

Now you can listen to the LTFF podcast via Alexa, iHeartRadio, iTunes and more! Give it a try!

Let's Talk Fantasy Football & Alexa 0:46

See all of the different things you can do with Alexa & LTFF. That means talking football 24/7 with the ability to ask lineup questions coming in 2018!

We make it simple to talk fantasy football.

Whether you're a fantasy football nut or just starting out, we love you all the same. Take a chance and talk fantasy football with us or our good friend Alexa.

No Keyboards Needed

There's no need to be glued to a screen. Simply say "Alexa, Open Let's Talk Fantasy Football" and then just keep talking.

Only The Things You Care About

We won't force affiliate links, advertisements or stats you don't want to hear about. Get only the info you want, when you want.

Talking Football 24/7

It's like having a fantasy analyst on call 24/7/365. Advice, stats and more, for free no matter what time it is.

Devan Review of NFL Stats Skill

Overall, it’s exactly what you expect. I had a few hiccups like someone else said with a past season, but it’s been spot on for 2017! Hoping that we see more football alexa skills coming soon!

Tom Review of Fantasy Football Podcast Skill

They're definitely not for everyone, but I love tuning in! Love seeing them in more places.

Mark Review of Fantasy Football News Flash Briefing

Getting quick fantasy football headlines is exactly what I needed. Asking for a flash briefing now gives me the latest headlines without having to manually search for them myself. Great skill for any football fan! Review of Fantasy Football News Flash Briefing

It's a flash briefing that does exactly what you expect! News preview, always updated and great quick hits. The voice is the usual Alexa voice you hear on TV and everywhere, so don't sweat it! Review of NFL Stats Skill

They don't cover every stat you might be looking for, but it covers the big ones. While alexa sometimes stumbled, she got them right most of the time. Hoping they get some more fantasy football stats in there soon.

Let's Get This Party Started

Are you ready to talk fantasy football? It's about time.

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