What's the Impact of Alex Smith Getting Traded to Washington?

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Fantasy Football Podcast 2018

I’ll be honest, making a Mr. Smith Goes to Washington analogy for the Kansas City Chiefs and Washington trade that took place late on Tuesday night wasn’t the highest-hanging fruit I could’ve plucked, but here we are.

The aforementioned feature film, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, features the funny and charming James Stewart as Mr. Jefferson Smith, idealistic appointee to the U.S. Senate. Smith enters Congress with big dreams, but runs into trouble when the corrupt and cynical career politicos in Washington begin to sabotage him.

With quarterback Alex Smith making his way from the nation’s breadbasket to the nation’s capital, there are some reasons that Mr. Smith – and each of the parties affected by the move – should be hopeful. Still, as a skeptic myself, there are some head-scratching parts of this deal to be wary of.

Is this the right deal for America, or was it doomed from the start?

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Photo by Keith Allison