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AJ Green Welcomes You to the Jungle

By June 16, 2014No Comments

Let me start by saying that AJ Green is a beast. There are a few elite talents at the WR position today, and outside of Calvin Johnson you could argue that Green deserves to be in the conversation with the likes of Dez, Marshall and Thomas. Or at least he'll be drafted just as highly.

The Love for AJ Green

AJ Green is clearly the go-to-guy in Cincinnati. I mean he makes circus catches on the regular and Dalton looks his way all the time. I mean I would too if I had a guy like Green downfield.

Over the past two seasons he has scored 22 times and he's virtually on his way to being a guaranteed double-digit touchdown guy. That means great things for fantasy owners.

In 2013 he had 180 targets which means he's a PPR monster. Of course he's still an incredible value in standard leagues as well.

It's also important to note that Dalton was picked off 20 times in 2013, which is an indicator that he forces the ball to his number-one guy too often. And although we'd rather see Green haul some of those in, I'll take 11 touchdowns any year.

They've got a great running game with Gio Bernard and company and together that offense should be potent.

The Downsides of AJ Green

One of the biggest downsides of AJ Green isn't even his fault, it's Daltons. Dalton doesn't have a great arm and he's known for missing his guys and forcing the ball. These things will keep Green from excelling to Calvin Johnson territory, but man it would be exciting to see Green take off and hit that mark.

We also can't forget about the additions of all the new offensive weapons in Cincinnati. Wide receivers Marvin Jones and Mohamed Sanu have become great options for Dalton and both tight ends started to fall into place.

These guys will take points away from Green in 2014, although they may also open up different opportunities for Green to score.

The Value of AJ Green in 2014

The value of AJ Green hasn't been thoroughly debated amongst fantasy football pros this offseason, and for good reason. We know what AJ Green can produce, and although there's a chance Andy Dalton regresses a bit in 2014, Green is still going to have a top-10 season.

AJ Green actually has the chance to provide his owners with a top-5 fantasy performance. In fact, he's been around the top-5 in most rankings so far this preseason.

Take some time to evaluate different fantasy rankings and read thoughts on different players. However I'm pretty confident that most fantasy experts would recommend AJ Green as an early second round pick.

I'd love to pair him with a first round RB. All I can say is "Welcome to the Jungle".

Nick Schreck