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I Hate That Adrian Peterson Showed Up....But I Love It

By June 3, 2015No Comments

By now you've heard the news, Adrian Peterson announced he's going to take part in OTA's and join the Vikings after being absent for nearly 9 months.

Let me start by saying that I absolutely hate this.

I hate that it's a big news item that he's rejoining the team after his Twitter outburst about his contract just days ago, after he reportedly demanded to be traded and after everything else that's happened.

I don't hate that he's there. I don't hate him. I just hate the media firestorm that is following a player for showing up to work.

I know I'm not helping. I'm only fueling the fire. But I can't stay away.

In my opinion, Peterson needs to put his head down, work hard and have a killer season (both real and in fantasy football). He'll be able to justify asking for more money next season and all will be right in the world.

Now that my hate is out of the way I'll tell you why I love it. Beyond the obvious.

Clearly having Adrian Peterson back for 2015 is a boon for fantasy owners. We've seen him be a stud in the past, he's had a year of rest and he's going to have a chip on his shoulder. All things that a potential fantasy owner is going to like.

I consider him a top-5 RB for 2015 fantasy drafts at this exact moment in time. Not a groundbreaking declaration by any means.

He may move higher for me, just not quite yet.

The true reason I love that he's back is for Teddy Bridgewater. I won't hit you with the numbers here, but with AP in that backfield I expect Bridgewater to have an even better fantasy season in 2015.

If you want to hear why I believe so strongly in him, you can read about my fantasy football love affair with Teddy Bridgewater.

I've also shared my more detailed thoughts via video below. These words are more thought out than my spoken ones. The video shows my emotions in the heat of the moment.

Good for you Vikings, good for you Teddy Bridgewater and AP...thanks for agreeing to do your job.

What do you guys expect for Adrian Peterson in 2015...fantasy success or failure?

Nick Schreck