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Early 2015 Fantasy TE, K & DEF Rankings

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Have you ever been lead into a false sense of security, only to find out that everything you thought you knew was a lie? I bet that situation involved your fantasy TE last year.

Sure he wined and dined you and lead you to believe that you made the right choice. But unless you got Rob Gronkowski, you were probably dissapointed.

The reality is that there were waiver wire guys like Travis Kelce, late round picks like Antonio Gates and utter disappointments like Kyle Rudolph.

I know it's early to start thinking about what fantasy tight end, defense and kicker you want...but we do it because we care about you. Or because we care about ourselves. Either way, here's my early ranks and thoughts on each position. I've shared some really honest thoughts on each.

2015 Tight Ends Rankings

Gronk is good. Gronk is great. You want him and he owns the #1 rank.

The rest of the position is super up in the air for March. I can't really recommend anyone. But gun to my head I'm drafting the guys in the order below.

[su_table url=""][/su_table]


2015 Kicker Rankings

Kickers in March? Yeah I've lost a few of my marbles. But hey, it's never to early to at least start refreshing on some of these names.

I saw a cool stat somewhere that I honestly can't remember. It basically said that Gostkowski is incredible and he should be your kicker. So he's my guy at #1.

Although it's March, kickers can win you games. Don't just write them off as many fantasy owners do. But don't spend a high pick on one. That's unacceptable.

[su_table url=""][/su_table]


2015 Defense Rankings

I really hate ranking defenses. Especially in March. The reality is a ton of these teams are about to change in the draft and free agency.

Here's how I'd draft a defense today. But if you're taking a fantasy defense early in drafts (before the last few rounds), I probably hate you.

[su_table url=""][/su_table]


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