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2015 Quarterback Rankings: The Good, The Bad & The Jay Cutler

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We all went into the 2014 fantasy football season with the thought that we had drafted a great team and were finally ready to make a championship run when.....reality struck.

Our team either wasn't that good or fell just inches short. That's the funny part about fantasy football, no matter how good you think you've got it, you probably don't.

It's not to say you can't draft a great team or that you can't play the wire. It's simply to say that at some point lady luck leads the way. Sometimes she leads you to glory and other times she leads you to a road of broken hopes and dreams.

My 2014 fantasy football season was mediocre at best. I gambled on players that didn't work out (Zac Stacy, Cam Newton, Andre Johnson) in a ton of leagues and I paid the ultimate price, fantasy futility.

It's funny (not really) because I always thought I understood the concept of separating the emotional decisions from the right ones and how to set recency bias aside when making my fantasy decisions, but I didn't.

I let both of those things cloud my judgment and it's something I need to fix as of now.The reality of fantasy football is that the people who eliminate those things, win more often than not.

I'm not here to complain about my seasons, bad decisions and depressing Sunday evenings. Although venting about it never hurts.

I'm here to address 2015. Because let's face it, unless you won your league you're simply looking towards the 2015 season. If you're not, shame on you.

The 2014 season wasn't quite a record-breaking one for fantasy QBs. The position remains deep in comparison to certain positions (err RB) for 2015 but I think you'll be just fine.

But before we hit my 2015 fantasy football quarterback rankings here are a few guys I have special notes on going into the 2015 fantasy football season.

My 2015 Preseason Quarterback Notes

2015 Fantasy Football QB Rankings

These are some guys that you need to know about for 2015 whether good, bad or indifferent.

Russell Wilson

Sure there will be a ton of uncertainty with the Seahawks this offseason, but man oh man did Wilson come to play in 2014. He finished 3rd among fantasy quarterbacks in 2014 based on 327.60 fantasy points on

He let you down in the passing department with only 3,475 yards (15th) and 20 touchdown passes (16th) but he made up for it with his feet. Damn this guy is mobile.

In 2014 Wilson had 849 rushing yards (1st) and 6 rushing touchdowns (1st). Combine his passing and rushing together and you're ecstatic with where you drafted him in 2014.

I expect the rushing to decline a bit in 2015 and the passing to improve. So about a breakeven as of now. Things could certainly be worse.

I'm not saying he's going to be a stud in 2015, but I'm pretty much saying he's going to be a stud. He's a top 5 guy for me in 2015.

Tom Brady

Through the first 4 weeks Tom Brady was brutal putting up 9, 9, 13 and 4 fantasy points. I announced that I was out on Tom Brady following week 5 on our fantasy podcast and my co-host Vinny was right there with me.

Fantasy owners everywhere cut him and I couldn't argue against it (I encouraged it). In week 6 Brady bounced back to the tune of 30 fantasy points and became useable once again. I bailed too quickly and Brady came back to life thanks to his offensive live and a fully healthy Gronk.

I expect Brady to be consistent once again and be a viable fantasy option in 2015.

Jay Cutler

Oh Jay, you simply love to break hearts. You broke the hearts of Bears fans and your fantasy owners after being hyped by many in the preseason. We'll see how the offseason plays out for the Bears (there is a ton of fantasy value there) but as of now I can't recommend Cutler to any of you.

The guy is made to break your heart as he did in 2014. If you're falling in love with Jay Cutler again (at least before we know the Bears new coach and if he's staying in Chicago) you're out of your mind.

My 2015 Fantasy Football Quarterback Rankings

2015 Fantasy Quarterback Ranks

[vc_table vc_table_theme="classic"]Rank,Name|1,Aaron%20Rodgers|2,Andrew%20Luck|3,Drew%20Brees|4,Tom%20Brady|5,Russell%20Wilson|6,Peyton%20Manning|7,Matt%20Ryan|8,Matthew%20Stafford|9,Tony%20Romo|10,Cam%20Newton|11,Philip%20Rivers|12,Carson%20Palmer|13,Ryan%20Tannehill|14,Ben%20Roethlisberger|15,Nick%20Foles|16,Eli%20Manning|17,Jay%20Cutler|18,Colin%20Kaepernick|19,Teddy%20Bridgewater|20,Joe%20Flacco[/vc_table]

A Question for You

What do you guys think of Russell Wilson for the 2015 fantasy season?

Nick Schreck