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Win a Free Entry to Win $1 Million in the Perfect Million Dollar Draft Challenge

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Listen up ladies and gents, we want to hook you up with the chance to walk away with some cold hard cash (or at least $1 million in some legal form of tender).

We've teamed up with the team over at Million Dollar Draft to giveaway 5 free entries into their upcoming contest (The 2015 Draft!).

Typically an entry would run you $25 a person, but if you get a free entry here you won't have to pay a dime!

In their competition, if you pick the first round of the draft perfectly you win $1 million!* If you miss a few picks, that's okay! They award points based on each correct pick and the top 100 scoring entries will split a $75,000 prize! That means you've got some real chances to win.

How To Enter Our Competition & Win a Free Entry

With the NFL Draft less than a week away we know you need time to pick the perfect draft board. Here are the details on getting a free entry from Let's Talk Fantasy Football:

How: Follow and Tweet at @LetsTalkFF with: #MDD and what team you think will end up with Marcus Mariota. An Example would be " Hey @LetsTalkFF I think he'll be an Eagle #MDD "

Deadline to Enter: 8pm EST on Monday 4/27 - Tweet at us at 8:01 and we'll reply... but your entry won't count.

Winners Announced: 9pm EST on Monday 4/27 - We'll reach out to each of you to get you set up with Million Dollar Draft via Twitter.

How We'll Pick Winners: All twitter handles that comply with the rules will get put into a randomizer and we'll pull 5 names. If we don't pull yours we're truly sorry.

You can enter only once! We welcome as many tweets as you want to send, but only one will count. There are no duplicate entries on that end.

The Million Dollar Draft Kicks off on Thursday, so you'll need to get your perfect board in by then.

The only condition Let's Talk Fantasy Football requires is that if you win, we can use your likeness to promote the win. Image, name and prize. It'll be good for all of us, we promise. By submitting an entry via Twitter, you're agreeing to comply.

Want to learn more about Million Dollar Draft? We've got you covered.

The Legal Details

Here are some of the less exciting pieces, but we need to let you know about them regardless.

Let's Talk Fantasy Football is in no way affiliated with Million Dollar Draft. We will have nothing to do with getting you a prize, outside of your free entry, if you win via their site.

Your submission via their site is between you (the participant) and Million Dollar Draft (and their terms and conditions).

If you have an issue with your submission, collecting a prize or anything related to the promotion you must deal directly with them, Let's Talk Fantasy Football cannot be held liable.

All Let's Talk Fantasy Football can, and will do, is provide you with a free entry ticket, if you are chosen as one of our five winners.

*Subject to the terms and conditions of Million Dollar Draft.
** Your chance of winning a free entry will depend on the number of entrants who comply with the rules above. Winners will be chosen at random. The Let's Talk Fantasy Football team reserves the right to disqualify anyone, at anytime, for any reason from the chance to win a free entry.
*** Our team was compensated with an entry into the competition in exchange for entries to give away to you, our readers and fans

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