Fantasy RB and WR Strategy & Discussing How Drunk You Should Be for Your Draft - Episode 10

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Since we talked QB and TE strategy last week we thought it would be fitting to do another podcast on what to do with the RB and WR positions.

Obviously running backs and wide receivers are the most coveted players in fantasy football so we go over our strategy when drafting them.

We go over the 3 strategies of going early RB, early WR, and the balanced attack method.  Then we weigh the pros and cons of each approach.

This is the final podcast before our official LTFF live draft so Walsh and I were jonesing to talk some football.

Here are some the highlight and talking points we go over in this week’s podcast: 

  • What does the loss of Kelvin Benjamin do to the values of the other Panthers players?
  • With McCoys hamstring injury will he fall in drafts?
  • We talk entirely too much Tyrod Taylor.
  • Abdullah continues to climb draft boards, is this a good thing?
  • Late round RBs to target / Late round WRs to target.
  • Is it more important to stockpile RBs or WRs in drafts?
  • Are you willing to bank on RB flyers more than WR flyers?
  • We discuss the optimal level of drunk you want to be for your live drafts.

Episode 10 of Our 2015 Fantasy Football Podcast

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Vinny Gonzalez