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The 2014 Fantasy Sports Writers Association Award Winners

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While the team of Let's Talk Fantasy Football couldn't get out to the FSTA's writer conference in Las Vegas earlier this January, hundreds of the greatest minds in fantasy sports were there.

Although we are primarily focused on fantasy football here at LetsTalkFF, we need to acknowledge the great fantasy writers and analysts across all fantasy sports.

Before we detail the winners of the various fantasy awards at the 2014 FSWA in Las Vegas, here's a little bit about the Fantasy Sports Writers Association.

The Fantasy Sports Writers Association

According to their website, their mission is "to be a voice for writers in the arena of fantasy sports. Moreover, the organization, through its executive staff and board of directors, will strive to promote and acknowledge the hard work and dedication shown by fantasy sports writers throughout the industry."

They were founded in 2004 to serve as a community for working fantasy sports writers. Ryan Houston, Emil Kadlec, Bob Harris and Kirk Bouyelas formed the association to give writers an opportunity to network with other writers and find work, and to create a legitimate annual awards process.

In 2010, the FSWA established a Hall of Fame to honor fantasy sports writers, publishers and editors who possess a distinguished a body of work and/or those who have helped to advance the careers of others in the fantasy sports industry.

Their inaugural class of inductees include Grey Ambrosius, Matthew Berry, Scott Engel, Eric Karabell and Gregg Kellogg. In 2011, they inducted David Dodds, Brandon Funston, Emil Kadlec, Nate Ravitz, Peter Schoenke and Ron Shandler.

Their 2012 fantasy football hall of fame inductees include Ryan R. Bonini, Tristan H. Cockcroft, William Del Pilar, Michael Fabiano, Dan Grogan, Bob Harris and James Quintong. The 2013 class included two great fantasy individuals named Glenn Waggoner and John Hansen.

The 2014 Fantasy Sports Writers Association Award Winners

There was an influx of Daily fantasy analysts that were recognized and won awards during the 2014 fantasy sports awards. As the DFS has continued to grow we anticipate the number of winners and finalists from the DFS community to continue to grow.

In no particular order, here are the winners of the 2014 FSTA writer conference as provided by

  • Podcast of the Year: Dan Back, RotoGrinders Daily Fantasy Fix
  • Radio Show of the Year: RotoExperts on SiriusXM
  • Video of the Year: Yahoo Fantasy Football Live
  • Humor Article of the Year: Ken Crites, RotoWire
  • Newcomer of the Year: Dan Ciarrocchi, SB Nation
  • Fantasy Football Article of the Year, Online: Walter Collazo, Fantasy Sharks
  • Fantasy Football Article of the Year, Print: Matt Lutovsky, Sporting News
  • Best Fantasy Football Publication: USA Today Sports: Fantasy Football 2014
  • Best Fantasy Football Ongoing Series: Evan Silva, Rotoworld
  • Fantasy Football Writer of the Year: Steve Schwarz, The Sports Network
  • Fantasy Basketball Writer of the Year: Aaron Bruski, Rotoworld
  • Fantasy Hockey Writer of the Year: Jesse Pantuosco, The Sports Network
  • Fantasy Racing Writer of the Year: Eric McClung, FF Toolbox
  • Fantasy Golf Writer of the Year: Gibb Pollard, RotoGrinders
  • College Sports Writer of the Year: Brad Evans, Yahoo Sports
  • Fantasy Baseball Article of the Year, Online: Benny Ricciardi, DFS Report
  • Fantasy Baseball Article of the Year, Print: Steve Gardner, USA Today
  • Best Fantasy Baseball Publication: USA Today Sports: Fantasy Baseball 2014
  • Best Fantasy Baseball Ongoing Series: Jeff Zimmerman, FanGraphs
  • Fantasy Baseball Writer of the Year: Michael Rathburn, RotoWire

Interested in Becoming a Member?

The Fantasy Sports Writers Association (FSWA) accepts applicants on a rolling basis, which means you can apply whenever you meet their requirements.

The requirements to be considered for acceptance into the FSWA include the following:

  • Must be 18 or older.
  • Must have 1 year of experience as a fantasy sports writer.
  • You must have a minimum of 4 published articles in any of the following places: Internet, Magazine or Newspaper.
  • Must pay an annual fee of $39.95 and abide by the FSWA code of ethics.

The have an online application where you can apply and learn more about the organization here.

Wrapping Up the 2014 Fantasy Sports Writers Association Awards

There were some big winners for the 2014 season with USA Today leading the way with 3 awards while RotoWire, Yahoo Sports, RotoGrinders, Rotoworld and The Sports Network nipped at their heels with 2 awards apiece.

We send our congratulations to all of the winners and nominees across every sport and category. It's amazing to see such a great community of fantasy sports writers.

We hope to be joining many of our fellow writers and analysts at all of the future fantasy conferences.

Until then, good luck and gods speed!

Nick Schreck