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Nap Time is Over: Some 2014 Fantasy Football Sleepers

By July 22, 2014No Comments

"You'll sleep when you're dead."  I'm sure you have heard someone say this to you before. Well the players I'm about to list... don't die on them.

By the way, Johnny Football is not on this list, but I figured posting his picture would just piss off the rest of the writers on the site and it would be fantastic. BUT... if you already have your QB 1 and looking to snag a back up, there could be some reward in picking up Manziel in the last few rounds!

Below I have broken down some of my fantasy football sleepers by position:


Jay Cutler is a 2014 Fantasy Football Sleeper

cutlerIt pains me to admit it but Jay Cutler can have a very fantasy relevant year this upcoming season.  We didn't see much production from him last year due to injury but it's a fresh slate for Cutler.

He has both Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery, whom both are predicted to be in the top 10 receivers this season--as well as the viable option of Martellus Bennett.

With this receiving core and Matt Forte, expect big numbers for these guys....except hopefully not against the Packers. Cutler will be a low buy with great potential to be a top 10 finish.

Russell Wilson is a 2014 Fantasy Football Sleeper

russellWith a run first mentality in Seattle, a lot of fantasy players overlook Mr. Russell Wilson.  But let us take a peak at Wilson's stats last season.

He finished with a passer rating of 101.2,  26:9 touchdown-interception ratio, and completing 63.1% of his passes producing 3,357 yards in the 2013 regular season. Not too shabby.

Don't forget that the man can run!  With Percy Harvin coming back healthy and hopefully staying so, Wilson can slip into the top 10 QBs this fantasy season.

Running Backs

toby gerhartToby Gerhart is a 2014 Fantasy Football Sleeper

Don't let the fact that he is on the Jacksonville Jaguars discourage you, let it encourage you! Now out of the shadows of Adrian Peterson, it is time for Toby Gerhart to shine.

With no real other offensive threat and the Jaguars being a run first team--Gerhart is going to get the ball.  It has been confirmed by Jaguars offensive coordinator, Jedd Fisch, that Gerhart will be their workhorse and there will not be a running back committee.

They believe he brings every aspect of the job to the table: pass blocking, pass catching, 3rd down bruiser, and can flat out run the ball.  Seems like a lot of promise.  I have Gerhart floating around 24th-26th running back, but he may be sliding up soon--and I have no doubt in my mind that he can finish top 15.

Bishop Sankey is a 2014 Fantasy Football Sleeper

sankeyThis Bishop shouldn't be restricted to a movement of only a diagonal line. In fact, I don't forsee too much restriction at all.  Bishop Sankey has to beat out.... Dexter McCluster.

Although not challenging his talent, McCluster is more of the utility player used for punt/kick returns and pass catching--but not that true back.  In Sankey's final season at Washington last year, he posted a notable 1,870 yards out of 327 attempts, rushing 5.7 yards per carry!  Goodness Gracious! And that wasn't just a lucky senior year for this stud.

In 2011 he averaged 6.7 yards per carry and in 2012 he averaged 5.0 yards per carry.  Yes, this is college ball we're speaking of but his numbers still seem promising.  With a strong offensive line in Tennessee, you better believe this guy has the potential to be a top 15 running back by the end of this fantasy season.

Wide Receivers

Kendall Wright is a 2014 Fantasy Football Sleeper

kendall wrightLet's stay in Tennessee for a moment.  Kendall Wright has been a name that has been floating around for the past two seasons.

Going into his rookie year I was really looking forward to Wright's potential.  I was let down but it looks like the third time is a charm.  Although Wright didn't have a bad sophomore season, he only had two touchdowns.

But what leaves us promise for this young receiver is that he was targeted  140 times last season.  Even more impressive, as I was reading through Sports Illustrated, it was brought to my attention that Kendall Wright was one of only nine receivers last season to not only have 90 receptions but to also have over 1,000 yards receiving.

If Jake Locker stays on the field, Wright can be a dynamic fantasy option being in the top 20 or maybe even top 15!

Golden Tate is a 2014 Fantasy Football Sleeper

golden tateIt was definitely a BS call, calling it a catch in 2012 with that Fail Mary. But it's 2014, I'm swallowing my pride and calling him a catch for this season. Golden Tate.

He may be the #2 receiver in Detroit but I believe he will be putting up good numbers. With a lot of focus on Megatron, it leaves Tate with the breathing room he needs in order to do some damage.

Last I checked, both Matthew Berry and both have him at the 34th receiver. But with this duo, don't be surprised if he finishes in the top 20's. Low buy with great upside!

Tight Ends

Jordan Reed is a 2014 Fantasy Football Sleeper

jordan reedThey might not have the best defenses but the NFC East is going to produce a lot of offense--especially the Washington Redskins.

With Jay Gruden and his play action and the personnel on this offense, Jordan Reed is a tight end one should keep their eyes peeled for.

With RGIII coming into this season healthy, Alfred Morris in the backfield, and now throwing to a receiving corps consisting of Pierre Garcon, DeSean Jackson, and Andre Roberts--man, oh man!

Jordan Reed is going to have plenty of open looks with the defense concentrating on all of these pieces. The defense also has to be mindful of Griffin's run game, which gives Reed even more breathing room. I like Reed a lot and so should you.

martellus bennettMartellus Bennett is a 2014 Fantasy Football Sleeper

Another high octane offense that is going to increase value on their tight end is in Chicago. Martellus Bennett had almost 100 targets last season and that was without their starting quarterback.

With Cutler healthy and Marshall, Jeffrey, and Forte opening up the field, don't be surprised when Bennett sneaks through the defense and gets quite a bit of open looks.  I forsee a top 10 fantasy performance in tight ends for this guy.

My 2014 Fantasy Football Sleepers

Although these are just predictions, there is plenty of promise in these players.  So as you see them sliding, keep an eye out, snag 'em, and make the rest of your fantasy league look like fools!

Don Christmann