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2014 Fantasy Draft Tips You Need to Consider

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First off, don't let anyone tell you what to do. Not even me.

Sure I've been playing fantasy football for nearly a decade now, which is very little time compared to some of the original fantasy footballers. However, the problem I've found over the past 8 years of playing is that everyone is too wrapped up in what one particular fantasy football expert tells you to do.

What I've found to most helpful is simply breaking down everything you can gather, from as many different people as you can listen to.

That's why I tried to do here today. I gather fantasy football draft strategies for 2014 and shared the pros and cons of each.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't biased to some of them, but hell we're all biased about certain things. Fantasy football included.

Fantasy Football Draft Tips for 2014

So far the 2014 fantasy offseason has been an interesting one. A year after everyone was all in on running backs, people are beginning to avoid them like the plague. I don't have any magical insight or answers, but what I do have is some advice. Some advice that may or may not win you a fantasy championship come December.

Here are four fantasy draft tips I believe you need to consider for 2014.

1. Trust Your Gut

This one applies regardless of the year. You need to do your fantasy homework, create your own fantasy rankings and read some fantasy articles.

What all of this prep work can't do for you on draft day is make the decision of who to pick...or can it? It can. Here's how.

You, hopefully, poured days of research into your fantasy strategy. Which means your rankings are reflective of exactly how you feel about each player. When you're there on draft day and two guys you want are on the board, stick to your guns.

You ranked one ahead of the other for a reason. Trust your gut and you'll be able to live with your decision. Agonizing over the decision you could've made will kill you all year long. I prefer staying true to my board, it's helped me so far.

2. Use Fantasy Experts to Your Advantage

There are thousands of fantasy football experts online, if not more. Although many of us will have similar advice, we won't always see eye-to-eye. This means you can get thousands of different perspectives and see which apply to you and your league.

For one of my leagues I know to wait on quarterback. The entire league usually waits until the later rounds to jump on guys. That means I'll never burn a first or second round pick on one simply because the value won't be there.

Use knowledge of your league to figure out where the most value is going to be. You're going to get different draft ideas and player values by hearing what so many different experts think.

This will help you realize when Aaron Rodgers sliding down the board is a value and where it's not.

3. Skip the Elite Quarterbacks

Look the quarterback position is crazy deep. You've probably heard it thousands of times already, and it's not even draft day yet.

I've only owned an elite guy once in my life, and it was glorious, but I wouldn't pay the price again. In 2014 there are 14 quarterbacks I'm comfortable starting in a 10-team standard league. That means I can get a guy in the later rounds that will still produce buckets of points. That gives me the opportunity to go running back or wide receiver with my first 3 picks.

I think if you don't get one of the elite 3 quarterbacks, you should wait as long as possible. Fantasy football is all about maximizing your points and minimizing your risk. Get those running back points while you can because those late round fliers usually don't pan out.

4. Just Because It Worked Last Year Doesn't Mean It Will This Year

Don't get so set on a strategy going into draft day that your world will come crumbling down if someone steals your pick. Also don't assume that what has worked in the past will work again this year.

Too many times have I see fantasy owners commit to the same strategy, simply because it helped them the season before. I'm not saying it won't work again, but if that's your only strategy on draft day you better hope things fall perfectly.

Picking the Best Fantasy Football Draft Strategy

Like I said before, there's no magic bullet. But couple what you learned above with the fantasy information you hear over the coming weeks, and you'll have a real good shot at a fantasy championship.

Having a good draft strategy is useless if you're not prepared for curveballs and knowing what sleepers you want to grab. Just be prepared to pivot at a moment's notice. If you can think on your feet and make a calm decision you'll be just fine. Fortune tends to not favor those who panic.

Are these tips ground breaking? Hardly. However they do bring things back into perspective. For some people, that's all they need.

You can thank me when you win your league. Or not. Yeah I didn't want the praise anyway.

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