We're Talking 2014 Fantasy Football - Podcast #1 of 2014

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Last night, July 2nd, the team here at Let's Talk Fantasy Football got together to bring to you our very first podcast of 2014. In fact, it's the very first podcast we've ever done.

We all love fantasy football and wanted the opportunity to discuss some of the biggest things you need to know about in 2014.

What to Expect from the Fantasy Podcast

Throughout our fantasy football podcast our experts broke down some of the following:

Big Changes from 2013 - 2014

  • Knowshon Moreno to the Dolphins
  • MJD Leaves Jax and Joins the Raiders
  • DeSean Jackson to the Redskins
  • Johnny Football in Cleveland
  • Ben Tate Leaves the Shadow of Arian Foster
  • Toby Gerhart Gets a Starting Job
  • Ray Rice and His Looming Suspension
  • Chris Johnson Comes to New York
  • Rashad Jennings Joins the Giants
  • Arian Foster's Recovery from Surgery
  • Hakeem Nicks Joins Andrew Luck
  • Steve Smith Leaves Home
  • Nick Foles' Chances of Repeating 2013

Our 2014 Quarterback Rankings

  • We breakdown our rankings 1-15 slot by slot.
  • We debate values, who we love and who we hate for 2014
  • Sleeper pick for one guy outside of the top 15 that has a chance to make some noise


  • Answer reader questions
  • Ask some questions of our own

Of course we aren't all fantasy. There's a lot of fun and bullshit mixed in. We love having the opportunity to talk fantasy football, so we added some personal touches to the podcast.

The Only Fantasy Football Podcast You'll Ever Need - Episode 1 of 2014

Here's our podcast in Youtube form. We'll have an Audio Version only available soon and are working on getting our podcast into iTunes.

 Audio Only Version

As always, we love to talk fantasy football. We'd love to hear your feedback on the podcast and of course our material. Tell us what you think, good and bad. We promise we can take it.

We love talking about fantasy football, which is why we produce a fantasy football podcast at least every week. We recommend checking out our past, present and future fantasy football podcasts for some of the best fantasy football advice around.

[Photo credit: www.literalis.net] via Flickr. Used with Creative Commons license.

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